On-Demand Panel Webinar: Demystifying the Cloud For Your Transformation Journey

On-Demand Panel Discussion Video: Demystifying the Cloud For Your Transformation Journey


As digital transformation shifts have been accelerated by the effects of COVID-19, the world fully woke up to the importance of the cloud as a technology game changer. Cloud computing has become an essential component of any innovative organisational strategy and an increasing number of forward-thinking industry leaders are using this technology to run their organisations more efficiently, scale their potential, increase collaboration, improve customer engagement, enhance profit margins and gain a competitive edge. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, this is panel discussion is a great call to action and a must watch!

Watch this video on-demand to learn:

  • Why the cloud?  How is the cloud creating value? 
  • How to monetise cloud – is cloud the strategy? 
  • What are the top challenges?  Who’s going to do the work?   Do you have the skills in place?
  • How to ensure access to budget – is there a recommended justification process to follow?
  • Public, private, hybrid – What are they and which is right for you?
  • Making sense of hybrid vs multi vs distributed vs edge computing
  • Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service – Understanding each and their unique advantages
  • Assessing the technical feasibility for the transition 

Session speakers include:

  • Moderator: Alex Hilton, Chief Executive, Cloud Industry Forum
  • Jonathan Seelig, Co-founder & CEO, Ridge
  • Drew Firment, SVP of Cloud Transformation , A Cloud Guru
  • Fernando Velazquez, Chief Technology Officer – Digital Transformation & Innovation Director, Walmart
  • Rohit Agrawal, Director, IT – Global Head of Cloud & Data Center, Siemens Healthineers
  • Chris Patti, Chief Technology Officer, AccuWeather

This video was part of the Cloud Transformation Congress, 13 July 2021, powered by TechForge. Click here to discover more enterprise technology events exploring digital transformation, the future of work, digital twin, edge computing and more!