MemryX and Edge Impulse collab to advance edge AI development


Edge AI accelerator firm MemryX has partnered with machine learning development platform Edge Impulse to build and deploy efficient AI models on MemryX’s AI chips.

MemryX says the partnership will strengthen the scalability and flexibility of its chips, allowing AI developers to push models further,

The company’s edge AI chips are used in applications across a range of industries, from robotics and automation to IoT and edge computing. Their high performance, thanks...

MemryX begins customer sampling of new MX3 AI Accelerator

AI chip

Semiconductor developer MemryX, which designs AI processing solutions for edge devices, has begun customer sampling of its MX3 AI Accelerator.

The MX3 was created with ease-of-use and efficiency in mind. Able to achieve optimised model performance within minutes, MemryX hopes its accelerator will save companies months of software development time.

Built for edge computing systems old and new, the MX3 can accelerate AI processing in most systems and connects directly to...