Actian unveils a ‘new era for database solutions in edge computing’

Actian unveils a new era for database solutions in edge computing

Actian, a division of HCLSoftware specialising in data and analytics, has launched the newest version of Actian Zen, 16.0.

Zen 16.0 is designed to enable edge processing across a spectrum of edge computing environments - from mobile devices and IoT devices to edge gateways and complex machinery - empowering businesses to facilitate real-time data processing and run faster, smarter applications at the edge.

Zen 16.0 features an answer to the growing demand for edge...

Foxconn and Nvidia to build high-tech computing facility in Taiwan

Foxconn and Nvidia to build high-tech computing facility in Taiwan

Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn has unveiled plans to build a high-performance computing centre in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

As reported by TechNode, powering this state-of-the-art facility is the NVIDIA Blackwell platform. In a statement, Foxconn described this latest collaboration with NVIDIA as a key milestone for both the world's largest electronics manufacturing service provider and the leading AI server manufacturer in global markets, and for NVIDIA, the renowned...

Hammerspace, SourceCode and GigaIO partner to transform edge AI

Hammerspace, SourceCode, and GigaIO partner to transform edge AI data processing

Hammerspace has announced an innovative leap forward: its Global Data Platform can now process, store, and orchestrate data in edge compute environments, potentially revolutionising data handling and AI capabilities at the edge.

This innovative solution combines Gryf, the first-ever suitcase-sized AI supercomputer co-designed by SourceCode and GigaIO, with Hammerspace's Global Data Platform. This powerful combination brings unprecedented levels of shared AI processing power to any...

AICRAFT’s edge data processing unit to enhance Korean space project

AICRAFT's edge data processing unit to enhance Korean space project

AICRAFT, an onboard computing systems maker, has landed a breakthrough agreement with European imaging company Scanway Space.

With this contract, the Munich-based startup takes on its most adventurous project to date, which spans far beyond typical computer applications. The South Australian company will provide an edge computing module designed to be integrated directly into an optical payload that can detect methane plumes in orbit. This represents a significant technological...

IDC: Global edge computing investments to hit $232bn in 2024

Analyst firm IDC has got the abacus out again – and has forecast that worldwide spending on edge computing could hit $232 billion (£181.1bn) in 2024.

The figure is an increase of 15.4% on 2023, based on IDC’s Worldwide Edge Spending Guide, with the analyst citing artificial intelligence (AI) use cases as the primary growth driver.

IDC noted various emerging use cases to watch for, ranging from construction and utilities to retail; autonomous mining operations, site...

Lenovo unveils edge AI initiatives across telecoms

MWC MWC has traditionally been the telcos’ playground – and Lenovo is leaning into this with a newly announced series of edge AI collaborations with Deutsche Telekom, Orange, and Telefonica.

The collaborations announced in Barcelona enable the telecom providers to create and deliver a broad array of AI workloads for customers, ranging from automated deployment of edge-to-cloud AI infrastructure, networking, software, orchestration, and management.

Perhaps the most...

Casey’s gets a slice of Acumera’s edge to bolster its convenience stores

Casey’s, the third largest convenience store and fifth largest pizza chain in the United States, is furthering its digital transformation initiatives by employing an edge computing solution for its stores.

The company has selected Acumera Reliant Platform, an edge offering specifically around retail and hospitality, to operate locally in its more than 2,600 locations with high availability and without the need for WAN connectivity.

A primary benefit of the platform is...

Dutch sustainable edge data centre project gets EU green light

A consortium of seven Dutch companies and research institutes has gotten the green light from the European Commission for its project to develop a more sustainable edge data centre.

The MISD (Modular Integrated Sustainable Datacenter) project is under the IPCEI-CIS banner – an ‘important project of common European interest – cloud infrastructure and services’. The European Commission gave the green light to the IPCEI-CIS program on December 5, with funding being provided...

European Commission green lights €1.2bn funding for edge and cloud tech

A pile of Euro notes.

The European Commission has approved an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) to support research, development and first industrial deployment of advanced cloud and edge computing technologies across multiple providers in Europe.

The project, called IPCEI Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure and Services (IPCEI CIS), was jointly notified by seven Member States: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Spain.

The Member States will...

Edgio looks to protect API threats at edge with latest offering

5G Edge

Distributed edge platform provider Edgio has announced the availability of its new API security solution which utilises machine learning to protect enterprise APIs from evolving threats at the edge.

The company explains its rationale for such a product thus: “The rapid growth of APIs used to build microservices in cloud-native architectures has left many enterprises in the dark when it comes to knowing where, how many, and what types of APIs they have. With multiple teams...