Vecow introduces a robot solution kit with Kudan’s advanced perception technology

Vecow, a pioneer in embedded systems and AIoT solutions, has unveiled what it describes as the most advanced Turnkey Solution kit designed with Kudan, specifically for Simultaneous Localization and mapping (SLAM) applications. 

This solution, said to be an industry-first, is poised to revolutionise real-time navigation and mapping applications by harnessing leading-edge computing technology.

The new Turnkey Solution Kit from Vecow is...

Floatel International boosts efficiency with Avassa’s edge platform

Floatel International has taken a significant step towards enhancing its on-premises container lifecycle management by partnering with Avasss, an application and infrastructure management services provider.

The integration of Avassa's cutting-edge edge platform aims to streamline and secure the deployment and management of containerized applications, marking a pivotal advancement in Floatel's operational capabilities in the offshore accommodation industry.

It is...

Cognizant Neuro Edge: A new approach to AI deployment at the edge

Cognizant Neuro® Edge: A new approach to AI deployment at the edge

Cognizant, a specialist in professional services, has launched Cognizant Neuro Edge as part of its its Cognizant Neuro suite.

The platform is designed to empower businesses across various industries to harness the potential of artificial intelligence and generative AI at the edge of their networks.

Edge computing, a transformative technology, brings the cloud closer to enterprises by enabling services to operate with decentralised components through sensors and devices...

Vecow debuts compact EAC-4000, featuring NVIDIA Jetson Orin for enhanced edge AI

Vecow debuts compact EAC-4000, featuring NVIDIA Jetson Orin for enhanced edge AI

Embedded solutions specialist Vecow has launched the EAC-4000, a cutting-edge edge AI computing system.

Despite its small size, the EAC-4000 delivers exceptional performance, redefining standards in space-constrained applications of edge computing.

Central to the EAC-4000's operation are the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX and Jetson Orin Nano system-on-modules, which empower the system with an impressive AI processing capability of up to 100 TOPS. The system's intense processing...

Stay dry, stay safe: UnaBiz’s new tech prevents washroom falls with edge computing

Stay dry, stay safe: UnaBiz's new tech prevents washroom falls with edge computing

UnaBiz, a leader in IoT services and integration, is introducing a cutting-edge 'Hybrid Floor Wetness Sensor' equipped with machine learning technology.

Designed to prevent slips and falls in washrooms by ensuring floors are promptly cleaned, this innovative solution addresses a common hazard in public spaces.

One of the key features of the hybrid sensor is its dual capability to transmit data via either the Sigfox 0G network or LoRaWAN. This adaptability meets the...

Actian unveils a ‘new era for database solutions in edge computing’

Actian unveils a new era for database solutions in edge computing

Actian, a division of HCLSoftware specialising in data and analytics, has launched the newest version of Actian Zen, 16.0.

Zen 16.0 is designed to enable edge processing across a spectrum of edge computing environments - from mobile devices and IoT devices to edge gateways and complex machinery - empowering businesses to facilitate real-time data processing and run faster, smarter applications at the edge.

Zen 16.0 features an answer to the growing demand for edge...

Fastly’s new API promises improved ChatGPT accessibility

Edge cloud provider Fastly has developed an open-source edge computing API, which it claims offers developers faster and more affordable access to OpenAI's ChatGPT for product shipment.

Named the 'Fastly AI Accelerator,' the company reports that this new accelerator, which operates on its Edge Cloud Platform and utilises semantic caching, speeds up access times to the AI-powered chatbot, facilitating developer services such as code generation and debugging.

The company...

Foxconn and Nvidia to build high-tech computing facility in Taiwan

Foxconn and Nvidia to build high-tech computing facility in Taiwan

Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn has unveiled plans to build a high-performance computing centre in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

As reported by TechNode, powering this state-of-the-art facility is the NVIDIA Blackwell platform. In a statement, Foxconn described this latest collaboration with NVIDIA as a key milestone for both the world's largest electronics manufacturing service provider and the leading AI server manufacturer in global markets, and for NVIDIA, the renowned...

Hammerspace, SourceCode and GigaIO partner to transform edge AI

Hammerspace, SourceCode, and GigaIO partner to transform edge AI data processing

Hammerspace has announced an innovative leap forward: its Global Data Platform can now process, store, and orchestrate data in edge compute environments, potentially revolutionising data handling and AI capabilities at the edge.

This innovative solution combines Gryf, the first-ever suitcase-sized AI supercomputer co-designed by SourceCode and GigaIO, with Hammerspace's Global Data Platform. This powerful combination brings unprecedented levels of shared AI processing power to any...

Italtel and Nearby Computing boost digital futures with 5G and edge computing

In a strategic move that is expected to reshape the telecommunications and enterprise industries, Italtel—a distinguished multinational ICT integrator—has partnered with Nearby Computing, specialists in edge-to-cloud automation.

This collaboration is designed to enhance the adoption rates of 5G solutions, private networks, and edge computing, setting a new standard for industry innovation.

Having decades of experience in designing, integrating, and managing complex...