BrainChip unveils its second generation Akida platform

BrainChip Akida

BrainChip, the first commercial provider of neuromorphic AI chips, has announced the second generation of its Akida platform.

The new platform, built for embedded edge AI applications, adds 8-bit processing for higher performance along with new advanced capabilities.

These include using vision transformers and spatial-temporal convolutions for accelerated performance and improved power efficiency at the edge.

BrainChip says the new capabilities of the Akida...

Scale Computing, Mako Networks offer edge management solution

Cloud Management

Edge computing and hyperconvergence specialist Scale Computing has partnered with Mako Networks, a cloud network provider, to expand its edge solution provision to enterprises.

With Scale Computing’s easy-to-deploy software and Mako Networks secure networking, the two firms are offering a complete remote management system for a variety of edge applications.

The end goal is to allow organisations to run critical applications on a local network while taking advantage of...

Alef acquires CareerGig in push to build edge developer community

Developer Team

Edge connectivity platform Alef has acquired CareerGig, an online marketplace for freelancers and IT professionals, in a bid to spur edge adoption.

By arming CareerGig developers with a suite of enterprise-grade APIs, Alef will support the construction of custom private 5G networks and applications to build out the edge ecosystem.

CareerGig emerged in 2019 as a software as a service (SaaS) tool that allowed mobile developers to create and match their portfolios with...

Expanding the possibilities of endpoint AI in vision applications


In 2016, truly high accuracy facial recognition on a smartphone was a remarkable innovation but is now close to becoming fully mainstream. While many consumers now see this as a basic smartphone feature, it uses incredibly complex artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with only half of consumers aware of how essential AI is to enabling this feature. 

Now we are seeing vision-based AI applications go one step further into even smaller edge and endpoint devices. We are now...