Vecow introduces a robot solution kit with Kudan’s advanced perception technology

Vecow introduces a robot solution kit with Kudan’s advanced perception technology Dashveenjit is an experienced tech and business journalist with a determination to find and produce stories for online and print daily. She is also an experienced parliament reporter with occasional pursuits in the lifestyle and art industries.

Vecow, a pioneer in embedded systems and AIoT solutions, has unveiled what it describes as the most advanced Turnkey Solution kit designed with Kudan, specifically for Simultaneous Localization and mapping (SLAM) applications. 

This solution, said to be an industry-first, is poised to revolutionise real-time navigation and mapping applications by harnessing leading-edge computing technology.

The new Turnkey Solution Kit from Vecow is engineered to enhance the capabilities of SLAM systems, which are crucial for applications such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, and industrial automation. This kit addresses the critical need for robust and reliable navigation in dynamic environments by providing precise real-time localisation and detailed mapping.

At the heart of the Turnkey Solution Kit is Vecow’s ECX-3000 Series, powered by Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake-S processors. With up to 24 cores and 32 threads, this platform enables efficient SLAM algorithm execution and rapid data processing for real-time decision-making. Its ability to take DDR5-5600 DRAM and with various advanced connectivity options, including dual 10GbE LAN ports, further bolsters its performance in SLAM applications.

The Turnkey Solution Kit integrates advanced sensors and GPU capabilities, supporting NVIDIA RTX A2000 and A4500, to provide high-precision mapping and accurate localisation. This is essential for applications requiring detailed environmental understanding and real-time responsiveness, such as autonomous vehicles navigating complex terrains or robots operating in dynamic industrial settings.

The Vecow ECX-3000 Series is designed to handle harsh operating environments as it can work in an extended temperature ranging from -40°C up to 85°C and its ruggedised build. This is intended to help the Turnkey Solutions Kit operate robustly across various challenging environments, whether in an outdoor autonomous vehicle deployment or on industrial manufacturing floors.

Featuring a highly expandable design, the Turnkey Solution Kit is built for minimal integration with accompanying systems, enabling numerous expansion possibilities, such as all standard PCIe interfaces and M.2 sockets on board. Thisallows users to tailor the solution and scale their SLAM based on the application, making deployments future-proof.

Vecow & Kudan: A strategic collaboration

Vecow’s integration of Kudan’s Artificial Perception Technology enhances the Turnkey Solution Kit’s spatial awareness and environmental understanding. Kudan’s technology enables more accurate navigation and mapping, crucial for real-time industry applications.

Bryan Huang, Vecow’s product manager, said: “Vecow and Kudan have a well-established history of collaboration in AMR applications.”

Kudan has been actively engaging in joint product development and promotion with Vecow, establishing a strategic partnership in 2020 and launching a development kit for digital twins, integrating both companies’ core technologies in 2023.

Huand added: “This expanded partnership takes advantage of Kudan’s specialised SLAM technologies. By integrating Vecow’s high-performance system with Kudan’s technologies, we have enhanced the VTK SLAM kit. This integration will enable our customers in the mobile robotics sector to achieve faster time-to-market. Additionally, we are committed to further increasing the adoption of the VTK solution as a key outcome of this partnership.”

As more industries adopt SLAM technology for precise navigation and mapping, Vecow’s Turnkey Solution Kit represents an ultra-rugged, high-performance solution. The launch embodies Vecow’s long-lasting dedication to providing high-quality technology for modern edge computing applications.

(Photo: Vecow)

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