Floatel International boosts efficiency with Avassa’s edge platform

Floatel International boosts efficiency with Avassa’s edge platform Dashveenjit is an experienced tech and business journalist with a determination to find and produce stories for online and print daily. She is also an experienced parliament reporter with occasional pursuits in the lifestyle and art industries.

Floatel International has taken a significant step towards enhancing its on-premises container lifecycle management by partnering with Avasss, an application and infrastructure management services provider.

The integration of Avassa’s cutting-edge edge platform aims to streamline and secure the deployment and management of containerized applications, marking a pivotal advancement in Floatel’s operational capabilities in the offshore accommodation industry.

It is essential to understand how the offshore industry demands high reliability and seamless operations, especially when dealing with the complexities of containerized applications. Traditional IT infrastructure often falls short of meeting these requirements due to its complexity and the need for constant supervision. Avassa’s edge platform addresses these issues by providing a robust, secure, and user-friendly solution that simplifies the management of containerised applications.

Since Floatel is renowned for providing premier offshore accommodation and support services, ensuring the comfort and safety of workers in the energy sector, their floating hotels, designed with state-of-the-art amenities and safety features, are critical for maintaining productivity and morale among offshore personnel. However, managing IT infrastructure in such remote and challenging environments poses unique challenges. This is where Avassa’s edge platform becomes a game-changer.

According to Avassa’s statement, Xenit, a managed service provider based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has been a trusted partner of Floatel, aiding in successfully implementing Avassa’s Edge Platform into Floatel’s infrastructure. “This has helped to address the unique challenges of running container applications in remote and isolated float locations,” the statement reads.

Why Avassa?

Avassa’s edge platform is designed to simplify the intricate process of container lifecycle management. It offers a suite of features that include automated updates, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive security protocols. These features are critical for ensuring uninterrupted operations, especially in remote offshore locations where maintenance and supervision can be challenging.

“Avassa allows us to set up the container orchestration without involving the Kubernetes experts at Xenit, which would have been a significantly bigger project for Floatel. The Avassa Edge platform makes container application lifecycle management, a not altogether trivial thing, extremely comprehensive and user-friendly,” Simon Gottschlag, CTO of Co-native (Xenits parent company) said.

Additionally, the Avassa platform’s intuitive interface allows for seamless application deployment and management, significantly reducing the need for extensive IT infrastructure. Implementing Avassa’s Edge Platform has streamlined Floatel’s container application management, enhancing cost efficiency and operational ease. 

“Avassa Edge Platform outperforms the other considered vendors thanks to its support for offline capabilities and user-friendliness,” Gottschlag noted. We can offer complete container management and operations services to Floatel right at our second-line support, enabling blazing fast turnaround times and cost-efficiency.”

Overall, Floatel’s move will probably have a follow-on impact on the broader offshore accommodation and support services industry. With more companies finding ways to increase their efficiency and drive down operational costs, we anticipate that the industry will continue moving toward advanced edge computing solutions like Avassa’s. This broader theme underscores the increasing value of harnessing technology investment for competitive advantage in the energy sector.

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