Cognizant Neuro Edge: A new approach to AI deployment at the edge

Cognizant Neuro® Edge: A new approach to AI deployment at the edge

Cognizant Neuro Edge: A new approach to AI deployment at the edge As a tech journalist, Zul focuses on topics including cloud computing, cybersecurity, and disruptive technology in the enterprise industry. He has expertise in moderating webinars and presenting content on video, in addition to having a background in networking technology.

Cognizant, a specialist in professional services, has launched Cognizant Neuro Edge as part of its its Cognizant Neuro suite.

The platform is designed to empower businesses across various industries to harness the potential of artificial intelligence and generative AI at the edge of their networks.

Edge computing, a transformative technology, brings the cloud closer to enterprises by enabling services to operate with decentralised components through sensors and devices within the network, thus reducing reliance on centralised servers and traditional cloud infrastructure. Neuro Edge is designed to scale the entire value chain of edge AI, from chips and devices through applications to business solution deployments, significantly shortening the time-to-business value.

Cognizant expands its Neuro AI capabilities with a new platform that provides hybrid Cloud + Edge AI. This enhancement enables real-time decision-making and extends the benefits of Cloud AI with insights derived from longitudinal data. The industry-agnostic platform substantially benefits sectors where data privacy, security, and real-time decision-making are crucial.

Vibha Rustagi, global head of IoT and engineering at Cognizant, emphasised the platform’s significance, saying: “Cognizant Neuro Edge is a powerful example of Cognizant’s leadership in developing a new approach to layering of on-board computing and processing with cloud services, paving the way for businesses to unlock a range of generative AI-driven benefits around operational efficiency, cost and risk reduction.”

Neuro Edge empowers devices to interact in real-time, allowing businesses greater agility, lower data costs, and a higher privacy posture. The platform also offers operational stability even under low bandwidth conditions. Thanks to its cloud-agnostic nature, the platform is ideally suited for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, allowing computing power to be decentralised at the device level.

The potential applications of Neuro Edge span across multiple industries:

  • Healthcare: Assisting doctors in real-time decision-making using diagnostic sensors.
  • MedTech: Enabling real-time, on-device adjustment options based on patient data.
  • Energy: Optimising operations in power generation plants and response to weather events.
  • Logistics: Streamlining fleet performance through in-vehicle data processing.
  • Telecommunications: Enhancing network security, resiliency, and automation.
  • Manufacturing: Predicting equipment failures to optimise uptime and operating costs.
  • Retail: Enabling intelligent video analysis for theft prevention and traffic pattern monitoring.
  • Automotive: Transforming driver and passenger experiences with context-aware recommendations.

In the automotive sector, Cognizant is working with Qualcomm Technologies to implement generative AI at the automotive edge. “Our work with Cognizant to extend the Snapdragon Digital Chassis’ generative AI capabilities and build a connected services platform creates new opportunities for automakers to develop highly personalised and contextually relevant experiences for both drivers and passengers,” observed Nakul Duggal, senior VP & GM at Qualcomm Technologies.

Neuro®️ Edge integrates APIs with the edge ecosystem, encompassing sensors, silicon vendors, edge devices, and enterprise applications, offering a foundational architecture and illustrative applications tailored for diverse industrial scenarios. The platform is also equipped with monitoring agents that track performance and facilitate ongoing enhancements through feedback loops.

Joel Martin, executive research leader at HFS, a leading global research and analysis firm, commented on the platform’s potential impact: “Implementing AI with edge technologies will be important for firms looking to maximise the impact of their investment in both AI and IoT. I believe Cognizant’s Neuro Edge will be an important solution improving functionality, reducing latency, and securing AI at the edge with enterprise-grade capabilities.”

By utilising Neuro Edge, enterprises will be able to build and manage their Edge AI applications more efficiently and effectively. It has been created to demystify and simplify generative AI, allowing businesses to focus on leveraging their AI investments for tangible business benefits.

The release of Neuro®️ Edge is a significant step toward enhancing AI capabilities worldwide, broadening edge computing applications across various industries.

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