Actian unveils a ‘new era for database solutions in edge computing’

Actian unveils a new era for database solutions in edge computing

Actian unveils a ‘new era for database solutions in edge computing’ As a tech journalist, Zul focuses on topics including cloud computing, cybersecurity, and disruptive technology in the enterprise industry. He has expertise in moderating webinars and presenting content on video, in addition to having a background in networking technology.

Actian, a division of HCLSoftware specialising in data and analytics, has launched the newest version of Actian Zen, 16.0.

Zen 16.0 is designed to enable edge processing across a spectrum of edge computing environments – from mobile devices and IoT devices to edge gateways and complex machinery – empowering businesses to facilitate real-time data processing and run faster, smarter applications at the edge.

Zen 16.0 features an answer to the growing demand for edge computing functionalities and includes an updated Kubernetes at its core. By 2025, IDC forecasts that edge computing will account for nearly $232 billion in spending. Zen 16.0 addresses the increasing demands that edge computing places on computing resources in industries such as industrial IoT, connected healthcare, and smart cities, where data-driven decision-making relies on local processing.

Actian has enhanced Zen 16.0 with performance improvements, making it faster and more efficient for the over 13,000 organisations currently using the Zen embedded database, as well as for new customers.

Actian’s senior VP of engineering and product, Emma McGrattan, stressed that Actian Zen 16.0 is tailored to the new requirements of embedded systems and edge computing, which are changing rapidly. “Its secure and scalable design allows for easy data synchronisation with Zero-ETL, making it perfect for developers creating intelligent applications that can deliver real-time decisioning from edge to cloud, giving businesses a competitive advantage,” McGrattan stated.

Zen 16.0 offers the compact size, high-speed read and write access, and transparent administration that resource-constrained environments rely upon. It enables scaling out high-performance intelligent applications that require minimal administration—a critical feature for use cases such as frequent sensor data updates for monitoring patient well-being and asset management tracking, where RFID scanners send updates on thousands of items per second.

Zen 16.0 now allows for the use of the same data model across both SQL and NoSQL data access, eliminates the need for data synchronisation from edge to cloud, and facilitates ultra-low-latency embedded application development in familiar programming languages.

Trent Maynard, director of product & engineering at Global Shop Solutions, praised Actian Zen, stating, “Actian Zen provides a high performance, lightweight, and self-managed embedded database for its business. Zen continues to deliver exactly what we need, and we’re enthusiastic about the new capabilities of Zen 16.0 to empower our business operations even further”.

The latest version includes several new and enhanced features designed to further enhance its capabilities. Among these are improved L2 cache sizing, page preloads for large data files, support for Kafka data streams, and EasySync, a new data synchronisation utility. Zen 16.0 now features improved JSON support, a Btrieve2 Python package, as well as support for Docker and Kubernetes containers. To enhance data handling, the index key length has been increased.

With the enhancements to Zen 16.0, open opportunities in edge computing for the open edge ecosystem are provided. This offers purpose-built solutions covering a wide range of use cases, including retail, various applications, or products in most industries, and data generation. As older users navigate an edge-centric world, Actian is committed to maintaining a performance edge that delivers data rapidly and in real-time.

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