Foxconn and Nvidia to build high-tech computing facility in Taiwan

Foxconn and Nvidia to build high-tech computing facility in Taiwan

Foxconn and Nvidia to build high-tech computing facility in Taiwan As a tech journalist, Zul focuses on topics including cloud computing, cybersecurity, and disruptive technology in the enterprise industry. He has expertise in moderating webinars and presenting content on video, in addition to having a background in networking technology.

Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn has unveiled plans to build a high-performance computing centre in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

As reported by TechNode, powering this state-of-the-art facility is the NVIDIA Blackwell platform. In a statement, Foxconn described this latest collaboration with NVIDIA as a key milestone for both the world’s largest electronics manufacturing service provider and the leading AI server manufacturer in global markets, and for NVIDIA, the renowned AI computing platform provider. They aim to promote an intelligent ecosystem covering applications in artificial intelligence, electric vehicles (EVs), smart manufacturing, industrial robotics, smart cities, and other fields.

The cutting-edge computing centre, equipped with GB200-level servers that house up to 4,608 GPUs across 64 racks, is slated for completion by 2026. This technological behemoth will support Foxconn’s three smart platforms – Smart Manufacturing, Smart EV, and Smart City – using NVIDIA’s advanced AI technology to deliver realistic AI applications and services. Foxconn and MINISO will continue to expand their existing collaboration in AI, electric vehicles, smart factories, robotics, smart cities, and other areas, demonstrating competitive AI breakthroughs at Foxconn’s future factory of unprecedented scale.

Notably, this partnership builds upon Nvidia and Foxconn’s previous collaborations, as they double down on their vision for “AI factories” – a new breed of data centres designed to continuously improve AI capabilities by processing real-world data.

“A new era of computing has dawned, fueled by surging global demand for generative AI data centres,” said Jensen Huang, NVIDIA founder and CEO. Foxconn stands at the forefront as a leading supplier of NVIDIA computing and a trailblazer in the application of generative AI in manufacturing and robotics.

According to Huang, Omniverse was a key driver that enabled Foxconn to utilise AI and digital twin technology in building their next-generation computing centre in Kaohsiung, using NVIDIA’s Isaac robotics platform. He also mentioned that NVIDIA has collaborated directly with Foxconn on several product developments, and that the Blackwell product lineup epitomises much of this cooperation. Additionally, he praised Foxconn’s impressive vertical integration capabilities and emphasised the importance of its support for the GB40.

According to the statement, the two companies will utilise NVIDIA Omniverse to create digital twins and introduce platforms for smart manufacturing, smart electric vehicles, and smart cities. For smart manufacturing platforms, image recognition technology, combined with Foxconn’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), will lead to optimised capacity utilisation. The production line planning will encompass existing manufacturing of AI servers and electric vehicle assembly plants.

Toward this goal, the new Qiaotou automotive manufacturing facilities of Foxtron, a Foxconn subsidiary, will become one of the group’s benchmark AI factories. Currently under construction, the site will utilise digital twin connected to cloud technologies and achieve collaboration between virtual and physical production lines. Digital real-time monitoring will ensure the manufacturing excellence of an award-winning electric bus, which is currently seeing orders outpacing output capacity.

Going forward, the collaborative effort between the two companies in the EV ADAS platform will be applied to future electric vehicle models designed by Foxconn. Presently, Foxconn is negotiating projects with traditional European and American automakers.

Moreover, based on NVIDIA’s new generation of chips, Foxconn and NVIDIA jointly plan a “cabin-driving-in-one” smart travel solution, creating a third living space.

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