Italtel and Nearby Computing boost digital futures with 5G and edge computing

Italtel and Nearby Computing boost digital futures with 5G and edge computing As a tech journalist, Zul focuses on topics including cloud computing, cybersecurity, and disruptive technology in the enterprise industry. He has expertise in moderating webinars and presenting content on video, in addition to having a background in networking technology.

In a strategic move that is expected to reshape the telecommunications and enterprise industries, Italtel—a distinguished multinational ICT integrator—has partnered with Nearby Computing, specialists in edge-to-cloud automation.

This collaboration is designed to enhance the adoption rates of 5G solutions, private networks, and edge computing, setting a new standard for industry innovation.

Having decades of experience in designing, integrating, and managing complex network systems, Italtel has long been at the forefront of technological innovation, delivering innovative solutions to telecommunications companies and enterprises worldwide. In contrast, Nearby Computing has distinguished itself with its advanced edge-to-cloud automation and orchestration platform, which optimises day-to-day operations and enhances operational efficiency and availability.

According to Gartner’s projections, the adoption of edge computing strategies among large enterprises is set to skyrocket. By 2026, 70% of these enterprises are expected to have a formal edge computing strategy, a notable rise from fewer than 10% in 2023.

Italtel and Nearby Computing partner to drive digital transformation for businesses with advanced technological solutions, faster time to market, efficient operations, and enhanced flexibility. By combining 5G and edge computing, the collaboration will innovate how businesses automate processes, improve efficiency, and create new growth opportunities in ways that traditional computing models simply cannot match.

Felix Luna, CEO of Italtel Spain, hailed this partnership as a game-changer. By joining forces with Nearby Computing, they are enhancing their capabilities and accelerating the delivery of next-generation 5G and edge computing solutions. These solutions include new use cases and business applications for their customers. “This is about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and enabling a new era of digital transformation,” Luna added.

Josep Martí, CEO of Nearby Computing, echoed these sentiments, expressing their thrill to partner with a company that shares their vision for telecommunications. “Together, we are set to redefine the landscape of 5G and edge computing, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of these transformative technologies,” Martí emphasised.

This partnership stands as a landmark in the industry, poised to deliver transformative solutions that accelerate digital advances, automate business operations, and guide enterprises and telecommunications companies into a new epoch of technological brilliance.

In fact, Nearby Computing is not the only company that Italtel has partnered with to boost digital transformation. The company had earlier in the year teamed up with Alepo, which offers solutions to enable mobile networks’ transition from 4G to 5G, to provide turnkey private 5G network solutions.

Alepo brings field-proven know-how and an end-to-end portfolio of 4G and 5G cloud-native, converged core network solutions that include the full-stack Subscriber Data Management (SDM) and Converged Policy Control. These include its 3GPP standards-compliant AuSF, UDM, HSS, UDR, PCF, and PCRF functions in a cloud-native microservices format. Alepo offers a 4G-5G core product portfolio with a lightweight resource footprint designed for edge deployments to power fast and cost-effective 5G mobile private networks (MPN).

Italtel was delighted with Alepo’s unique ability to seamlessly deploy 5G network core components within a sophisticated microservices edge-network scenario. Italtel is also pleased with the synergy developed with Alepo and its collaborative approach. This partnership will empower businesses to leverage various 5G MPN use cases with customised 5G networks rolled out quickly.

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