Metaspectral and Armada team up to unlock remote AI analysis of hyperspectral imagery

Metaspectral and Armada team up to unlock remote AI analysis of hyperspectral imagery Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Metaspectral, a software company advancing computer vision and remote sensing using deep learning and hyperspectral imagery, has partnered with Armada, an edge computing pioneer redefining the future of connectivity, compute, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Francis Doumet, CEO and co-founder of Metaspectral, said: “Through this partnership, we can bring real-time AI analysis of hyperspectral imagery to remote areas by leveraging Armada’s physical data processing and connectivity infrastructure capabilities.

“Hyperspectral imagery captured by remote cameras and drones can offer high impact decision-making support with the level of detail it provides.”

Hyperspectral images capture much greater detail than traditional cameras, including light from beyond the visible spectrum. This makes it possible to remotely identify the composition, quality, and abundance of materials and gasses using imagery alone. 

Armada is collaborating with Starlink to bring high-bandwidth edge computing and satellite internet connectivity to the world’s most remote environments, including oil rigs, mines, and remote combat zones. 

Migel Tissera, CTO and co-founder of Metaspectral, said: “Hyperspectral imagery can be used in the oil and gas sector to detect pipeline leaks, monitor vegetation health, and identify hydrocarbon reservoirs. Similarly, mining companies can use it for mineral identification, prospecting support, and monitoring environmental impacts such as soil erosion, vegetation health, and water quality.

“Hyperspectral imagery also has extensive military applications, including surveillance, detection, and identification of hidden objects, terrain assessment, and more.”

Metaspectral’s advanced computer vision capabilities will be integrated into Armada’s Edge AI Marketplace, a dynamic hub for AI solutions and applications. Its proprietary data compression algorithms also enable real-time analysis and transmission from satellite and terrestrial sources without compromising image quality.

Led by CEO Dan Wright, Armada offers mobile, self-contained data centers (Galleons) that can be rapidly deployed anywhere to provide real-time data processing, as well as a software platform (Commander), which serves as the single portal for observability and management of all edge operations. 

Uday Tennety, VP of Product Management at Armada, said: “With Armada’s expertise in AI-powered solutions and Edge Infrastructure, combined with Metaspectral’s cutting-edge computer vision capabilities, we see a tremendous opportunity to help organizations unlock the power of real-time insights and advanced analytics to drive business growth and innovation.

“We look forward to ensuring our joint customers across critical industries are able to glean actionable insights from their data, optimize processes to prioritize agility and precision, and streamline operations.”

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