Simply NUC and Scale Computing continue to join forces to deliver next gen edge solutions

Simply NUC and Scale Computing continue to join forces to deliver next gen edge solutions Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

 Simply NUC, a provider of customised computing solutions, has collaborated with Scale Computing, a specialist in edge computing, virtualisation, and hyperconverged solutions, enabling Scale Computing Platform (SC//Platform) certification and integration on the Simply NUC Onyx PC.

This is said to mark a significant milestone between Simply NUC and Scale Computing in delivering superior computing and management capabilities on an expanded offering of compact hardware tailored for edge computing applications.

Edge computing, a paradigm shift in the IT landscape, demands efficient and reliable infrastructure that can handle diverse workloads while ensuring seamless management. Recognising this need, Simply NUC and Scale Computing have come together to empower enterprise businesses with a robust solution that combines the power of Scale Computing HyperCore (SC//HyperCore) with the performance and flexibility of the Simply NUC Onyx PC.

The Onyx NUC is purpose-built for edge computing environments, offering a compact yet powerful computing solution that fits seamlessly into diverse deployment scenarios. With SC//HyperCore and Scale Computing Fleet Manager (SC//FleetManager) licenses pre-integrated on v9 and v5 units, businesses can now leverage the combined strengths of both technologies to achieve unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and manageability at the edge.

Key benefits of this collaboration include:

  1. Superior Computing Performance: The Onyx NUC, equipped with SC//HyperCore and SC//Fleet Manager, delivers exceptional computing power tailored for edge workloads, ensuring smooth operations even in demanding environments.
  2. Efficient Management: SC//Platform on Onyx NUC enables simplified management of edge infrastructure, allowing businesses to streamline operations and reduce overhead costs.
  3. Scalability: With the ability to scale resources dynamically, businesses can adapt to evolving workload demands without compromising performance or reliability.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Simply NUC to bring this expanded and innovative small form factor hardware solution to market,” said Craig TheriacVP of Product Management, of Scale Computing. “By combining Scale Computing’s innovative software with the Onyx NUC, we’re empowering businesses to unlock new possibilities in edge computing, enabling them to achieve greater agility, efficiency, management and performance.”

Scale Computing brings together simplicity and scalability with an edge computing platform that is easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to deploy. Scale Computing Platform (SC//Platform) replaces existing infrastructure, empowering enterprises to run applications and process data outside centralised data centers, at the edge of their networks, closest to where data is created and utilised. With SC//Fleet Manager, the industry’s first cloud-hosted monitoring and management tool built for hyperconverged edge computing infrastructure at scale, customers can quickly identify areas of concern using a single pane of glass, scaling from 1 to over 50,000 clusters. Zero-touch provisioning allows administrators to centrally monitor and manage hundreds or thousands of distributed edge infrastructure deployments with few or no on-site IT personnel.

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