Fastly boosts managed security service with bot management and SLA 

Fastly boosts managed security service with bot management and SLA  Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Edge cloud computing firm Fastly has launched a Bot Management solution to combat automated attacks at the edge and significantly reduces the risk of fraud, DDoS attacks, account takeover, and other abuse.

The company’s new time-to-notify SLA is fueled by the visibility and tooling of Fastly’s security offering and guarantees Fastly security experts will proactively notify and begin mitigating critical security incidents within 30 minutes of discovery, often before an incident is even discovered by a customer. Other providers may have SLAs covering portions of critical incidents, like DDoS attacks, but Fastly’s Managed Security Service is committing to notification for any critical web application security incident.

This announcement underscores the company’s commitment to solving complex cybersecurity problems. Traditionally, the most common SLA with managed security providers has been time-to-respond, which dictates how fast a provider’s team will respond after a customer raises a critical security incident. Unfortunately, with the rise and speed of automated web-application attacks, enterprise security teams may struggle to detect attacks proactively. This concerning trend, combined with the growing cybersecurity staff shortage, means that the role of a managed security provider with the ability to leverage a bot management solution that combats automated attacks at the edge has never been more important.  

Kip Compton, chief product officer at Fastly, said: “Managed Security Service is critical for organisations addressing the complex and ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, especially as they deal with shifting resources to better serve their company and customers.

“I’m excited to add Bot Management coverage and our new time-to-notify SLA to Fastly Managed Security Service, and I’m confident it will provide customers with peace of mind knowing that our team of experts is helping protect their most important assets against the latest web application attacks.”

Fastly Managed Security Service is a premium offering powered by the Fastly Edge Cloud Platform which includes coverage of Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF, DDoS Mitigation, and now Bot Management subscriptions. It provides customers with continuous monitoring and proactive mitigation of web application attacks, all backed by a 15-minute response SLA, and now, a 30-minute time-to-notify SLA for critical security incidents. The service also includes threat hunts, robust post-event reporting, and ongoing strategic security consultations to help ensure the highest level of application protection and strengthen an organisation’s overall security posture.

Fastly’s Managed Security Service customers have access to:

  • the Fastly Customer Security Operations Center (CSOC), a global, follow-the-sun security organisation which provides 24/7 monitoring, active mitigation and proactive threat hunts;
  • strategic insights and guidance from Fastly Security Technical Account Managers; and
  • the Fastly Security Research Team, which uncovers threat insights from across the industry and our customer base. 

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