Vapor IO launches ‘Monetize the AI Edge’ program

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Vapor IO launches ‘Monetize the AI Edge’ program Duncan is an award-winning researcher, with 20 years experience of analysing the technology industry, specialising in cloud computing, edge computing, blockchain, cybersecurity and marketing technology.

Vapor IO, creators of the Kinetic Grid platform and specialist in edge networking and real-time, pervasive AI, has unveiled its ‘Monetize the AI Edge’ partner initiative.

This reseller program is designed to help partners accelerate the availability of real-time AI by delivering bundled AI services via Vapor IO’s shared and neutral host infrastructure.

Tolaga Research has recently completed a report on the addressable market for edge AI across the 36 US markets in which Vapor IO operates. Tolaga estimates that by 2028, the combined value of edge AI in those 36 markets will be approximately $180bn.

Prior to Vapor IO’s solution, edge AI would frequently require large servers and storage arrays to be installed on the enterprise’s premises, which is both costly and operationally intensive. By virtue of Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid Platform, the company’s partners – whether they are a GSI, MSP, VAR, agent, or referral partner – have the opportunity to deliver edge AI services with little or no capital investment and without the need to manage the data center.

Expanding upon its success in bringing pervasive AI to the city of Las Vegas, Vapor IO has built a multi-vendor supply chain of pre-integrated, end-to-end AI services that can be bundled into other products or sold on their own.

Cole Crawford, CEO and founder at Vapor IO, said: “Forward-thinking channel partners have already recognised that real-time AI services are in high demand, and by signing up for Vapor’s Monetize Edge AI channel program, they can accelerate their revenue goals.

“Our Kinetic Grid Platform is the ideal delivery vehicle for AI services. Our shared-infrastructure model means application providers can deliver new real-time services at significantly lower cost than other alternatives and with a SaaS-like pay-as-you-go business model.”

Vapor IO is currently building applications that use edge AI for processing video. The types of use cases include the following:

  • Public Safety: Cameras connected to the Kinetic Grid via fiber optics and wireless technologies use real-time AI to detect unusual or dangerous behavior in real-time and notify the appropriate authorities.
  • Video security: Cameras placed inside and outside of office buildings are monitored with real-time AI. The AI looks at the data on the Kinetic Grid to identify suspicious activity and automatically activate the proper response.
  • Retail: Retailers are upgrading their technology with cameras and AI to use services like real-time inventory tracking, loss prevention, and customer behavior tracking.
  • Manufacturing: Monitoring and quality control can be made more efficient and effective by using computer vision applications to detect anomalies and defects in real-time without human intervention.

Deborah Hoffler, CEO and founder, Enterprise Integration, said: “The new channel program from Vapor IO aligns with our business goals at Enterprise Integration to empower organisations through integration of humans and technology.

“A true partnership provides a win-win. Vapor IO not only delivers innovative network and modular data center solution technology our customers require but they also provide us a faster path to profitability with the Monetize the Edge program to complement our global NVIDIA CloudXR 5G deployments.”

Rodney Foreman, CRO, Vapor IO, said: “Our Monetize the AI Edge program is not just about technology; it’s about fostering a long-term, beneficial relationship with our partners to go after the almost $200 billion edge AI market.

“Whether you are a GSI, MSP, VAR, agent, or referral partner, our unique ecosystem can accommodate your specific needs.”

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