OVHcloud opens its first two local zones in Spain and Belgium

OVHcloud opens its first two local zones in Spain and Belgium Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

European cloud specialist OVHcloud has opened its first two public cloud ‘Local Zones’ with one site located in Madrid, Spain and the other in Brussels, Belgium.

Driven by innovative technology from gridscale, OVHcloud’s latest acquisition, the Group can now deploy cloud capacity within weeks to serve new international locations. The Local Zones in Belgium and Spain bring new options for customers to access the Group’s Public Cloud services, with low latency and local data residency.

The gridscale technology provides a software stack that lays the groundwork for the Group’s growth strategy in the Edge Computing market. Requiring only modest infrastructure, with effective hosting in colocation centres, Local Zones are more agile and flexible, but also less CAPEX intensive than regular Datacenters. This gives OVHcloud a significant competitive advantage and allows for the Group to rapidly deploy its Public Cloud environments

An ambitious roadmap of up to 150 Local Zones to support a growing global market

In the context of a Cloud market growing globally, OVHcloud laid out an ambitious deployment plan to capture demand for cloud services in existing and new geographies. Targeting the opening of up to 150 Local Zones by 2026, the Group starts with regions where its own growth is the most important.

Throughout 2024 OVHcloud plans to open up to 15 Local Zones with the following non-exhaustive list of sites being considered. In Europe, the Group is preparing openings in Prague (Czech Republic), Marseille (France), Milan (Italy), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Zurich (Switzerland). New Local Zones are expected to open in the United States of America, including Atlanta (Georgia), Denver (Colorado), Chicago (Illinois), Dallas (Texas), New York City and San José (California).

The advantages of OVHcloud Open & Trusted Cloud

New OVHcloud Local Zones offer customers the advantage of the Group’s Open and Trusted Cloud and the benefits of data residency. With data now being closer to where it’s generated or needed, and accessible through the Cloud, customers are confident their data will stay within geographical boundaries defined by either local regulations or security policies. This is particularly important across industries such as consulting, financial services and healthcare.

Local Zones also confer better latency. That means that workloads with latency-sensitives services such as real-time analytics, E-commerce websites, Content Delivery Network (CDN) for replay and streaming videos, as well as Cloud gaming, will benefit from faster response times, providing a better user experience. For most customers, OVHcloud Local Zones offer single digit millisecond latencies enabling use cases such as high-performance Cloud gaming with minimal delays.

Organisations can now benefit from Local Zone Public Cloud features including Compute, Block Storage and Networking, including local Public IP. Additional services will be released in the coming months thanks to an iterative development model. Customers can expect future access to features such as Object Storage and Managed Rancher Service for Multi[1]cloud Kubernetes management.

Henrik Hasenkamp, CEO gridscale, said: “We are incredibly proud to announce today the opening of the first two OVHcloud Local Zones. We’ve been able to integrate and deploy gridscale’s technology just five months after joining the OVHcloud family, offering customers new options to consume OVHcloud Public Cloud, with added performance and data residency. This is just the beginning of an ambitious roadmap targeting a total of 150 Local Zones by 2026.”

OVHcloud new Local Zones in Spain and Belgium are also ISO/IEC 27001 certified, supplemented by the requirements of ISO/IEC 27017 specific to cloud services security and ISO/IEC 27018 for personal data protection. Those certifications ensure that businesses can deploy services in an OVHcloud environment with the highest security standards.


Available now, the Local Zone located in Madrid, Spain, is open in Beta with customers being able to deploy their Public Cloud services direct from the OVHcloud customer interface.

Available now, the Local Zone located in Brussels, Belgium, is open in Beta with customers being able to deploy their Public Cloud services direct from the OVHcloud customer interface.

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