Lenovo unveils edge AI initiatives across telecoms

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MWC MWC has traditionally been the telcos’ playground – and Lenovo is leaning into this with a newly announced series of edge AI collaborations with Deutsche Telekom, Orange, and Telefonica.

The collaborations announced in Barcelona enable the telecom providers to create and deliver a broad array of AI workloads for customers, ranging from automated deployment of edge-to-cloud AI infrastructure, networking, software, orchestration, and management.

Perhaps the most interesting project is with Telefonica. Lenovo’s ThinkEdge servers are part of Telefonica’s new multi-cloud edge computing architecture for smart cities. The key use case is in alerting public safety officials of danger, including using video analytics and computer vision to identify smoke and fire. The other components of the stack include Telefonica’s own Telco Cloud and Motorola’s push-to-talk technology. The collaboration ‘orchestrates the entire edge-to-cloud ecosystem’, as Lenovo puts it.

Lenovo and Orange have extended their partnership for three more years and are jointly launching Sylva, described as a ‘fundamental step to telco cloud and edge homogenisation and sustainability.’ “Together, the companies will help worldwide telecom providers support sustainability targets and improve services,” Lenovo noted.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Telekom announced earlier this month that it had successfully transitioned its IP-based voice telephony platform to the cloud through its NIMS (Next Generation IP Multimedia Subsystem). Lenovo is one of the partners in this initiative, alongside HPE, Juniper Networks, Mavenir, Microsoft, and Red Hat. “Through cloudification and automation, new functionalities in the voice network can be introduced with the click of a button,” Lenovo wrote.

The wider banner for these announcements is what Lenovo is calling ‘AI for all.’ Alongside the telco collaborations, the company unveiled various purpose-built AI devices, software, and infrastructure solutions. Lenovo also announced new solutions that will help customers extend the lifecycle of their devices; a sustainability angle whose importance sister publication CloudTech reported last year. One analyst described Lenovo as ‘manically focused’ in this regard.

For Telefonica, the possibilities appear to be vast. “Together with Lenovo, Telefonica is demonstrating how edge AI technologies can be used in a multi-cloud environment in everyday life, seamlessly bringing the power of the cloud to the scene of data and opening the door to new applications,” said Felipe Jose Vicens Gonzalez of Telefonica Global IT. “With Lenovo edge-to-cloud AI infrastructure, we are reimagining the possibilities and building the future of telecommunications.”

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