Intel’s new platform promises edge performance with cloud simplicity

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MWC Intel has announced the launch of a new Intel Edge Platform which aims to enable enterprises to run the gamut of edge and AI application development and deployment at scale – with the promise of ‘cloud-like simplicity.’

The platform, announced at MWC 2024, runs on an edge-native infrastructure which has OpenVino built in; an open source toolkit which accelerates AI inference while maintaining accuracy and optimising hardware use.

The theory is solid. Intel notes that for edge-centric use cases, ranging from preventive maintenance in industrial facilities to traffic management for smart cities, a hybrid infrastructure stack is optimal. This can consist of advanced networking and AI analytics at the edge – low latency and cost being the key requirements – with some on-premises analytics and AI processing in the cloud for global reach being necessary.

This means that organisations will naturally face difficulty when looking to build a performant edge AI solution across various use cases for a specific industry. Intel is therefore betting on its edge experience and a broad ecosystem to entice enterprises, whether they wish to buy a complete solution or build their own in an existing environment.

Much of the groundwork has already been completed, with the company noting the edge platform is an ‘evolution’ of a previous solution first introduced in September under the code name Project Strata. Partners at this stage include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Red Hat, Lenovo, SAP and Wipro, with the latter three also cited as customers.

“The edge is the next frontier of digital transformation, being further fuelled by AI. We are building on our strong customer base in the market and consolidating our years of software initiatives to the next level in delivering a complete edge-native platform, which is needed to enable infrastructure, applications and efficient AI deployments at scale,” said Pallavi Mahajan, Intel corporate vice president and general manager network and edge group software in a statement.

“Our modular platform is exactly that, driving optimal edge infrastructure performance and streamlining application management for enterprises, giving them both improved competitiveness and improved total cost of ownership,” added Mahajan.

This is by no means the only announcement to come out of Intel today. The company announced a future Intel Xeon processor with built-in AI acceleration, as well as its next-gen processor for 5G core. The platform play ties things together, as Intel notes.

“At the edge, enterprises want to innovate, be efficient, and improve time to market by delivering new intelligent services,” the company said. “They are starting to leverage the tremendous amount of data they generate at the edge to achieve enhanced customer experience, scale operations through automation while being price-competitive, and dealing with the impacts of labour shortages.

“This is driving a tremendous new opportunity for edge AI.”

Picture credit: Intel Corporation

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