Casey’s gets a slice of Acumera’s edge to bolster its convenience stores

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Casey’s, the third largest convenience store and fifth largest pizza chain in the United States, is furthering its digital transformation initiatives by employing an edge computing solution for its stores.

The company has selected Acumera Reliant Platform, an edge offering specifically around retail and hospitality, to operate locally in its more than 2,600 locations with high availability and without the need for WAN connectivity.

A primary benefit of the platform is in its ability to handle various stacks and types of architectures at scale, from containerised applications to legacy systems. The company touts a flexible and composable centralised cloud management platform, which means that Casey’s is able to be agnostic when it comes to cloud hosting, physical edge hardware, and third party applications.

“With edge computing Casey’s is bringing processing power into the store where it’s needed the most as it enables flexibility to run software apps on devices for our team members to best serve our guests,” said Sanjeev Satturu, Casey’s chief information officer in a statement.

Acumera outlines its ‘edge + cloud strategy’ and asserts that edge software complements cloud-based infrastructures, rather than competes with them. Cloud is a necessity to host the enterprise backend applications, as well as centrally manage, monitor, and maintain the edge ecosystem.

“Ultimately, multi-site businesses benefit from implementing a technology stack that integrates both edge computing and cloud computing to increase speed of innovation while maintaining continuity, reliability, and security in day-to-day operations,” Acumera notes.

The agreement with Casey’s will represent return on investment for Acumera in the retail space, with the company acquiring Reliant – from whom the platform derives – in February 2022.

“Today’s modern convenience, retail and hospitality brands operating at scale face significant challenges, with a requirement to deliver next generation applications and experiences consistently across thousands of locations,” said Phil Stead, Acumera VP of sales. “With the Acumera Reliant Platform, legacy systems, container-based applications, and digital content are all delivered and managed at scale, along with fully integrated monitoring and observability.”

Picture credit: Casey’s/Business Wire

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