Dutch sustainable edge data centre project gets EU green light

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A consortium of seven Dutch companies and research institutes has gotten the green light from the European Commission for its project to develop a more sustainable edge data centre.

The MISD (Modular Integrated Sustainable Datacenter) project is under the IPCEI-CIS banner – an ‘important project of common European interest – cloud infrastructure and services’. The European Commission gave the green light to the IPCEI-CIS program on December 5, with funding being provided from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

The initiative is to develop a modular, sustainable, and secure-by-design concept to be deployed  in places close to end users – which is where the edge computing angle comes in. The goal is to achieve a more than 50% reduction of CO2 in a ‘validated, distributed’ field lab setup, under the guiding principles of achieving a significant reduction in total energy consumption.

Participants in the consortium are Asperitas, an immersion cooling technology provider, software firm BetterBe, data centre provider Deerns, Eurofiber, NBIP (National Internet Providers Management Organisation), sustainable technology company TNO, and the University of Twente.

The Dutch government is allocating €70 million to MISD and other IPCEI-CIS projects, with IPCEI-CIS set to provide €1.2 billion (£1.03bn) in funding to a variety of initiatives to ‘drive the development of a European cloud infrastructure.’

“The MISD project is the outcome of years of collaboration in the Netherlands on energy-efficient data centres,” said Maikel Bouricius, CMO of Asperitas. “Many stakeholders were involved in the initial phase to shape this initiative and this funding makes it possible for the Netherlands to be a development hub for the next generation of data centres.”

The project is set to run until 2029. You can read more about it here.

Photo by Eliobed Suarez on Unsplash

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