ZEDEDA launches Kubernetes-as-a-Service for distributed edge

ZEDEDA launches Kubernetes-as-a-Service for distributed edge Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

ZEDEDA, a specialist in edge infrastructure orchestration, today announced ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service, an industry-first, fully managed Kubernetes service for the distributed edge.

The new service includes a Kubernetes runtime that is curated, managed and supported by ZEDEDA, as well as integrations with industry-leading orchestrators.

Containerised workloads at the edge are exploding, with Gartner predicting that “by 2028, 80% of customer software running at the physical edge will be deployed in containers, which is an increase from 10% in 2023.”* As a result, organisations will increasingly need to deploy Kubernetes to run these containerised workloads and applications at the edge.

Deploying Kubernetes at the edge is challenging because it was built for centralised data centers and scale-out clouds and, therefore, not for inherently constrained and distributed edge environments. ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service is a fully managed service that simplifies Kubernetes deployments at the edge, allowing customers to focus on their applications instead of managing and maintaining the underlying infrastructure. The new service eliminates the struggles typically associated with Kubernetes deployments at the edge, such as highly remote or distributed locations, constrained devices, unreliable security, lack of skilled IT personnel in the field and undependable network connectivity. ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service enables organisations to deploy and run Kubernetes infrastructure at the distributed edge remotely, securely and cost-efficiently.

“Our customers are industry leaders who are pushing the boundaries of innovation at the distributed edge, and working with them, we realised the need for an edge service that would remove the obstacles of deploying Kubernetes in these environments,” said Said Ouissal, ZEDEDA’s CEO and founder. “ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service is a first-of-its-kind fully managed edge solution that enables our customers to use any Kubernetes tools that fit their needs and provides a clear path to modernise edge infrastructure while leveraging existing IT investments.”

“Our Enterprise Strategy Group research shows modernisation, including containerisation, at the edge is where organisations want to leverage their existing investments and often run into challenges,” said Paul Nashawaty, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “In fact, we see 64% of organisations deploy 26% or more of modern applications at the edge locations. ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service addresses an existing gap between these environments and Kubernetes tools, enabling customers to focus on their workloads instead of how they will run them.”

Earlier this year, technology-focused analyst firm GigaOm recognised ZEDEDA as a “Leader” and “Outperformer” in its Radar Report for Kubernetes for Edge Computing, with “Exceptional” ratings in 11 different categories, including interoperability, lifecycle management, customised deployment support and connectivity.

ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service Provides Full Lifecycle-Managed Kubernetes

The combined popularity of edge computing and Kubernetes is undeniable. Earlier this year, Deloitte Global predicted that the enterprise market for edge computing will grow at 22% in 2023, four to five times more than spending on enterprise networking equipment and overall enterprise IT. At the same time, Kubernetes is now regarded as the default choice for overseeing the management of containerised applications in typical IT environments. A record high of 96% of organisations reported they are either using or evaluating Kubernetes — a major increase from 83% in 2020 and 78% in 2019.

ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service, built on ZEDEDA’s market-leading edge orchestration technology, addresses the intersection of these demands, even for air-gapped environments, by providing full lifecycle-managed Kubernetes through ZEDEDA, including a runtime curated, managed and supported by ZEDEDA. ZEDEDA Edge Kubernetes Service reduces the cost of managing and orchestrating distributed edge infrastructure and applications while increasing visibility, security and control. The new service integrates with and supports industry-leading orchestrators, including Avassa, Rafay, Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher and VMware Tanzu. 

“SUSE continues to provide foundational and industry-leading solutions that meet the unique demands within edge,” said Keith Basil, Edge general manager, SUSE. “While challenging, successfully implementing Kubernetes at the edge is critical as it means solving cloud-native scale, security and connectivity. We are glad ZEDEDA recognises the enterprise value of K3s and our Linux offerings such as SLE Micro, which, when combined, provide specific, purpose-built features for efficiently enabling Kubernetes in remote locations.”

Mohan Atreya, SVP of products and solutions at Rafay Systems, said: “Rafay is excited to collaborate with ZEDEDA on the groundbreaking Edge Kubernetes Service. Together, we will redefine how companies manage applications and Kubernetes at the distributed edge, ensuring unparalleled automation, control and efficiency for enterprises and their platform teams.”

Carl Moberg, CTO and co-founder of Avassa, said: “We see technology stacks at the edge shifting away from legacy vendor stovepipes toward platforms that support a mix of VMs and container workloads. From an application viewpoint, there’s a strong desire to manage containers in a simple, secure and automated way.

“Together, we provide a complete infrastructure-to-application edge solution that allows users to mix container engines, Kubernetes, and VMs powered by ZEDEDA with Avassa adding the ability to easily extend a self-service developer experience for their container application stack  — onto the very same hardware.”

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