STMicroelectronics bolsters edge AI ecosystem with new suite

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Semiconductor company STMicroelectronics has announced the launch of an edge AI product ecosystem which enables companies to embed AI-enabled ST products across various industrial applications.

The Switzerland-headquartered firm said the ST Edge AI Suite will enable customers to ‘jumpstart the design and deployment of billions of connected, autonomous things embedding artificial intelligence locally.’ Alongside this, the suite will ‘expand and integrate the multiple software tools, evaluation, and development kids introduced over the past 10 years, while leveraging the existing AI ecosystem of machine learning frameworks and key partners’, such as NVIDIA and AWS.

The company is also looking to build a community of developers around the suite. The software tools are free to use with ST hardware, and STMicroelectronics notes that the tools and their users will be ‘federated… around a broader edge AI community.’

One example STMicroelectronics cited of a customer using this approach is of a home appliance maker seeing up to 40% improvement on their washing machines. The product, which is yet to debut, utilises two machine learning algorithms, developed with ST’s NanoEdge AI. The first creates a ‘virtual sensor’ which estimates the weight of the clothes in the wash, while the other collects data from a 6-axis motion sensor – also provided by ST – to calculate whether the drum will touch the outer shell of the machine. The subsequent output enables the machine to adjust the water and detergent used.

“We are moving towards a world with tens of billions of connected, autonomous things bringing value and convenience to their users throughout all aspects of consumer life and enterprise productivity,” said Jean-Marc Chery, president and CEO of STMicroelectronics in a statement. “To achieve this, AI algorithms will need to be run both in the cloud and on-device, at the edge across a broad range of devices: smartphones and connected personal devices, smart home and building control systems, industrial machines, cars, and many more.

“ST products are already at the core of all those devices, but it is their combination with the industry-leading, free software suite we are announcing today that will make the difference,” added Chery. “This combination will enable the transition to a more intelligent edge, empowering customers of any size to deploy edge AI more easily and build their vision of this connected future leveraging ST’s hardware portfolio.”

The edge AI suite is expected to be available in the first half of 2024.

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