AWS and Siemens team up for easier industrial edge-to-cloud configuration

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the preview of AWS IoT SiteWise Edge on Siemens’ Industrial Edge marketplace to help create a more seamless experience for sending industrial equipment data to the AWS cloud.

AWS IoT SiteWise Edge is software which ‘makes it easy to collect, organise, process and monitor equipment data on-premises’, as the company puts it. It is most closely associated with the AWS Snow family of rugged devices, for extremely large and infrequently accessed data or to process data at the edge, as well as AWS Outposts, the hybrid offering which enables organisations to run AWS services locally.

Siemens Industrial Edge is an ecosystem and platform; the latter was launched in 2018, while the expansion to the former was in 2021. The marketplace ‘brings together industry-leading expertise from Siemens and other companies to create versatile edge computing solutions for industrial producers and machine builders’, in the company’s own words. The platform consists of applications, OT and IT connectivity, as well as a central management system for each.

In a brief note, AWS confirmed the availability of AWS IoT SideWise Edge to enable customers to start ingesting industrial equipment data from various industrial protocols into the cloud faster, using Siemens Industrial Edge devices already connected to machines.

“Process engineers, maintenance technicians, and efficiency champions can use SiteWise Edge to derive business value from industrial equipment data and use it in local and cloud applications, inference engines, as well as store it in data lakes,” AWS noted. “It unlocks industrial use cases such as asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, quality inspection, key performance indicator calculations, and energy consumption monitoring.”

AWS IoT SiteWise Edge is available in 11 AWS regions across four continents.

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