StackPath adds NVIDIA GPU-accelerated instances to its stable

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Edge computing platform provider StackPath has announced the addition of NVIDIA GPU-accelerated instances to its virtual machine (VM) and container product offerings.

The new instances utilise NVIDIA’s A2 tensor Core and A16 GPUs and are focused around AI, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality workloads; deep learning algorithm and intense graphical processing specifically.

The instances will be available in StackPath’s Dallas, San Jose and Frankfurt locations initially, with wider coverage expected throughout 2024.

“Our GPU-Accelerated Instances are exactly what new and next-generation workloads – like AI inference, computer vision, and natural language processing – really need to succeed,” said Tom Reyes, StackPath chief product officer in a statement. “These are real-time applications. So, as much as they need high computational power, they also need exceptionally low latency.

“The physical location of our platform minimises the number of hops in and out of our instances, so the advantages provided by a GPU aren’t undermined by geographic distances,” added Reyes.

StackPath refers to itself as an edge platform, but more specifically – as the company points out – it is a ‘cloud computing platform at the edge of the internet.’ The company sees edge and cloud as complementary. Last month, StackPath announced its edge compute VMs and containers were available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Reyes noted at the time that customers optimise their cost and performance by running latency-neutral workloads on Google Cloud, and latency-sensitive workloads on StackPath.

The month before, StackPath made a decision to cease its content delivery network (CDN) operations. Akamai announced it had acquired assets, including select enterprise customer contracts, from StackPath. This is not the only set of customers snaffled up by Akamai; earlier in October the company announced it had acquired similar assets from Lumen Technologies.

In August, StackPath announced the launch of larger VM and container instances, with higher virtual CPU core counts and included RAM.

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