Dell NativeEdge software empowers innovation at the edge

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Dell NativeEdge software empowers innovation at the edge Duncan is an award-winning technology industry analyst, specialising in cloud computing, blockchain, martech and edge computing.

Dell Technologies has announced the global availability of Dell NativeEdge, the edge operations software platform that simplifies how customers deploy, manage and secure their edge infrastructure and applications.

Dell is also growing its partner and OEM customer ecosystem to help organisations use Dell NativeEdge to simplify the orchestration and expansion of their edge environments.

“Dell NativeEdge brings to life our expertise in creating solutions that simplify processes and fuel real-time decision-making at the edge,” said Gil Shneorson, senior VP of edge solutions, Dell Technologies. “Our partners are an integral part of customers’ success, and together we can make the edge a strategic enabler for businesses across industries by making it simpler to deploy and manage infrastructure and applications.”

Recent analysis of Dell NativeEdge and standard edge deployments showed the platform can simplify and accelerate edge deployments, offering up to 22 times faster lifecycle management by automating routine and repetitive tasks, such as onboarding devices at scale and managing applications. For example, a large-scale edge implementation that may take 100 hours to set up and deploy could be reduced to under five hours with Dell NativeEdge.

Partner opportunities with Dell NativeEdge

As edge use cases proliferate across industries, Dell’s partner community plays an important role supporting customers in their edge journeys. Dell NativeEdge provides a new operations tool for all types of partners to help organisations reduce edge environment complexity.

Through the Dell Edge Partner Certification Program, ISVs and other channel partners work directly with Dell engineers in a dedicated lab environment to test and optimise their software before making it available to customers in the Dell NativeEdge application catalog. For OEM customers and system integrators, Dell NativeEdge provides an opportunity to standardise how they design and deploy edge solutions for customers’ unique environments. 

“As we see more enterprises moving workloads and applications to the edge, we also see increased edge complexity and sprawl,” said Eric Kaplan, chief technology officer at AHEAD. “Dell NativeEdge simplifies edge deployments and helps our clients securely manage and scale their distributed environments.”

Partners are already working with Dell to include their software in the Dell NativeEdge application catalog:

  • Atos will offer its Business Outcomes-as-a-service (BOaaS) solution jointly developed with Dell. BOaaS uses Atos AI and ML models, integrated with Dell Streaming Data Platform and Dell PowerEdge servers, to help customers in industries such as retail, manufacturing and theme parks manage and monitor edge deployments that enable real-time experiences.
  • Bosch Global Software Technologies will offer DeviceBridge, an Industry 4.0 solution that addresses critical challenges in machine and process data collection and management on the manufacturing floor. Bosch also will offer AIShield, an AI security solution that safeguards AI and ML assets against adversarial threats and intellectual property theft.
  • Eaton will provide software from its Brightlayer™ Data Centers suite for intelligent power management. The software protects devices from disasters and unexpected events that can lead to system failures and downtime, using algorithms and policy-driven automations to detect and mitigate power issues before they occur.

Dell’s global edge ecosystem is growing with additional companies collaborating with Dell NativeEdge, including Infront Systems, Involta, Telit Cinterion, World Wide Technology and more. Along with Dell NativeEdge, Dell continues to broaden its edge portfolio to help customers with the optimal placement of workloads and data, with plans to deliver more edge solutions as a service to meet the evolving needs of IT.

“Collecting, analysing and quickly gaining insights in edge locations is increasingly critical for many industries as they continue to compete and apply new capabilities like Gen AI,” said Scott Sinclair, practice director at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Software platforms like Dell NativeEdge can simplify application orchestration and management, and it will be key for Dell to continue to foster its partner ecosystem to support a diversity of solutions that simplify and secure customers’ edge environments.”

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