Flasheye taps Avassa for edge management to scale its services

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Monitoring solutions provider Flasheye has chosen edge orchestration firm Avassa to begin offering its 3D lidar and sensor solutions as a service.

Flasheye provides a LiDAR solution for detailed, real-time processing of 3D data that facilitates incident and deviation detection. The company says it can be used to optimise industrial production lines and ensure workplace safety.

Through Avassa, the company hopes to automate and centralise its sensor management at scale, reducing overhead in the process.

Flasheye said: “Before including Avassa as part of our delivery, we had to manually install, version, and troubleshoot our LiDAR devices which quickly became very time-consuming as we began to scale.”

“With Avassa, we are able to deliver our product as-a-service and lifecycle manage the distributed software in a centralised, remote, and secure fashion.”

Flasheye chose Avassa as it plans to shift its solution to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, allowing for customer delivery at greater scale.

Fredrik Lundberg, CEO of Avassa, said: “We enable Flasheye to package their LiDAR solution as a service and to take responsibility for the delivery and ongoing operations.”

“Together, Flasheye can focus on what they do best, developing stellar LiDAR solutions for increased customer security. Meanwhile, we can provide them with tools for automated and remote operational lifecycle management that unlocks scale.” 

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