Telco Systems expands Edgility with virtual firewall and router


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Edge networking solutions provider Telco Systems is expanding its smart virtualisation platform, Edgility, with a new virtual firewall and router.

The package of updates, called Edgility Integrated Network Functions (INF), offers features designed with cost reductions for mass deployment of edge devices in mind.

Edgility says INF will benefit enterprise customers looking for enhanced connectivity at the edge for creating and deploying applications efficiently.

Ziv Koren, chief product officer at Telco Systems, said: “Connectivity is a critical element of a successful edge computing deployment, that usually incurs substantial additional costs.”

“With this release, we continue to empower our customers to break free from costly legacy solutions, seamlessly connect all network components and significantly simplify the complexities of edge computing.”

The update includes Edgility’s built-in connectivity function along with a new virtual Next Generation Firewall (vNFGW) and virtual router.

By reducing spending on networking equipment, customers will see their costs of ownership fall below what competing solutions can offer, the company says.

The vNGFW strengthens network security and defends against cyber attacks while the virtual router manages traffic to optimise performance, making for reliable communication between devices, Edgility says.

Edgility’s platform also allows for data exchange between sites and networking components of edge computing.

“We look forward to continuing this platform expansion with additional integrations,” Koren said.

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