Ambarella launches computer vision chip for security cameras

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Ambarella, an AI vision processor provider, has built a CV72S system-on-chip (SoC) that brings advanced edge AI features to security cameras.

Developed using 5nm process technology, the Ambarella CV72S vision processor includes on-camera intelligence using CVflow 3.0 architecture and can run on a power consumption under 3W.

The company claims it is one of the best AI performances per watt available on the market.

Florian Domengie, senior technology and market analyst for Imaging at Yole Intelligence, a part of Yole Group, said: “Ambarella’s CV72S fits perfectly into the ongoing trend for security cameras to integrate more and more AI capabilities at the edge via camera processors while maintaining a low power and thermal budget.”

The new device’s chipset delivers enhanced AI capabilities that Ambarella says allow for advanced object detection and licence plate recognition. It also supports integration with high-end cameras with its radar sensor fusion, colour night vision, and improved HDR capacity.

The SoC is equipped with a dual-core Arm Cortex A76 processor and built-in hardware security via Arm TrustZone technology.

Ambarella has also added it’s proprietary Oculji virtual imaging AI radar technology to the chip, claiming it delivers radar resolution ten to a hundred times better than any competing solution.

Oculji bolsters the chip’s security applications by allowing for the tracking of object distance, speed, and direction at long distance, which is especially useful for night-time surveillance.

Fermi Wang, president and CEO of Ambarella, said: “We are accelerating the innovation by offering our latest CVflow 3.0 architecture and 5nm process technology in the new CV72S SoC, which was purpose-built for the mainstream security market using our algorithm-first approach and in-depth knowledge of vision processing, radar and AI.”

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