Akamai acquires Kubernetes cloud storage start-up Ondat

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Content delivery network provider Akamai is acquiring Kubernetes cloud storage firm Ondat to bolster its Cloud Connected distributed platform.

Akamai sees Ondat’s cloud-native platform and persistent storage capabilities as a powerful tool to add to its edge cloud services portfolio.

The company’s Cloud Connected platform emerged from its acquisition of cloud hosting platform Linode in February 2022. The buyout of Ondat further facilitates this shift towards cloud-native storage.

Through Ondat’s services, Akamai customers will be able to deploy persistent storage spaces across Kubernetes clusters using public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Adam Karon, chief operating officer and general manager of cloud technology at Akamai, said: “Storage is a key component of cloud computing and Ondat’s technology will enhance Akamai’s storage capabilities, allowing us to offer a fundamentally different approach to cloud that integrates core and distributed computing sites with a massively scaled edge network.”

Ondat runs a storage platform built specifically for Kubernetes that can manage large-scale applications. Its services operate on an adaptable platform capable of running data services across a range of infrastructure builds.

The company’s storage solution encrypts data when at rest and in transit, which it says ensures a secure approach to handling critical applications. Thanks to Kubernetes containers’ lightweight deployment capacity, Ondat also offers data reduction and storage pooling services.

Akamai will take on Ondat’s employees upon acquisition, absorbing them into its cloud computing for enterprise division.

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