Aarna Networks launches zero-touch edge orchestration platform

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Aarna Networks, an edge management solutions provider, has launched a zero-touch orchestration platform called Aarna Edge Services (AES).

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution aims to help enterprises simplify their management processes and cut operation costs.

AES will allow for a range of tasks including designing, provisioning, and managing multi-cloud strategies.

The company also says it can be used as cloud edge storage, for machine learning applications, and to run 5G and O-RAN workloads, amongst other use cases.

Roy Chua, an analyst at AvidThink, said: “Extreme automation and a zero-touch orchestration framework are critical to any significant edge roll-out. A combined approach to managing computing and connectivity resources like what Aarna is doing with AES can help drive edge uptake.”

Aarna believes AES solves the complexity of edge orchestration and outclasses currently available solutions in terms of scalability. The company says that the highly dynamic environment of edge networks requires constant reconfiguration and management, all of which AES provides.

Shaun O’Meara, field CTO at Mirantis, said: “As the demand for applications that take advantage of modern networking technologies like 5G grows, it has become increasingly critical to make the management and operation of edge infrastructure simpler.”

“AES reduces the complexity and provides more intuitive tools for operators so that they can better serve application developers and ensure visibility of the entire infrastructure.”

The first release of AES has been built in open-source collaboration with data centre firm Equinix to simplify orchestration of its key services – Equinix Metal, Equinix Network Edge, and Equinix Fabric.

Both companies used public cloud resources like Azure ExpressRoute and AWS Direct Connect to facilitate this streamlining process.

The platform can even run software-defined content delivery network (CDN) instances from partners like picoNETS for improved media performance.

In January this year, Aarna Networks partnered with CDN specialist picoNETS to enhance its content delivery capabilities.

The companies say their integrated solution has improved data speeds more than 92 times, with a 25x shortening of the time to first byte (TTFB).

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