Onteon Tech adds edge management platform to Sunlight.io library

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Onteon Tech has launched its application management platform, Onteon, on edge infrastructure firm Sunlight.io’s AppLibrary.

The platform allows users to efficiently deploy and scale modern and legacy applications in edge locations.

Onteon’s application deployment and management solution uses the Ansible framework and Sunlight HyperConverged Edge infrastructure to automate edge processes in Linux and Windows environments.

Łukasz Sadalski, the head of commercial growth and business development at Onteon Tech, said: “We chose the Sunlight AppLibrary for Onteon because we see some real synergies between our companies.”

“The Onteon and Sunlight solutions both offer a smaller footprint, lower latency and better use of resources than the incumbents in our markets – resulting in better efficiencies and lower costs.”

Now available on the Sunlight AppLibrary, Onteon users will be able to scale edge deployments across distributed environments using a centralised management system.

Onteon has also prepared a freemium version of its platform for Sunlight clients to demo, managing configurations on up to three application nodes.

Sunlight COO Andy Brewerton reflected on the growing complexities associated with managing edge environments.

He said: “It is all about applications such as AI, computer vision and analytics with big data workloads that need processing close to the source. The need for smaller, low-power devices means there are not a lot of resources for deploying, running, monitoring, orchestrating and managing the applications.”

“That’s why offering end-to-end solutions with partners, like Onteon Tech, is key to maximising the value of the edge-appropriate platform that Sunlight delivers, and ensuring efficient, scalable solutions for our customers.”

In January, Sunlight.io added Valedor Partners to its roster of investors for its Series A funding round, bringing the company’s total amount raised to $20 million.

It also announced the appointment of a new CEO, Tom Flink, alongside the new capital.

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