Bridge Alliance trials edge interactive livestream with Asian telcos


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Bridge Alliance, an alliance of 34 global telco companies, has trialled a 360 degree interactive livestream conducted over 5G and edge networks with Southeast Asian telecom companies.

The trial, conducted with Singapore telco Singtel and Thai mobile operator AIS, leveraged each company’s 5G networks to broadcast a Canadian music event in 8K to participants using smartphones and virtual reality (VR) devices in Singapore and Bangkok.

Both companies’ edge platforms, the Singtel Paragon Platform and AIS 5GNEXTGen Platform, were interconnected with each other through the Bridge Alliance Federated Edge Hub (FEH).

Audiences could then view the performance through a VR livestreaming platform provided by mobile solutions company Summit Tech.

The solution uses 5G and edge networks to provide bandwidth-efficient streams to mobile devices and wearables.

A poll conducted at the event found that the audience experience was positive, with the majority finding it superior to traditional streaming.

Two-way interactive livestreams let audiences participate in the performance. They can appear on video walls, socialise with other attendees over video call, and even make transactions.

Henry Calvert, head of networks at GSMA, said: “The project has highlighted that interactive 360-degree livestreaming can now be extended across countries for events such as concerts or sporting events.”

Bridge Alliance says the use case demonstrates the potential of low latency applications that leverage edge-to-edge interactions across multiple markets.

It says the FEH can serve as a global collaboration platform for cross-market use cases in 5G, edge and web3 applications.

Dr Ong Geok Chwee, CEO of Bridge Alliance, said: “Bridge Alliance is committed to enabling multi-market use cases and removing friction to enable application providers to seamlessly provision telco edge resources across many countries.”

“We drive 5G initiatives such as the development of our FEH, a platform which helps remove barriers in accessing edge resources across markets.”

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