Akamai launches edge platform and expands its cloud network


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Akamai, a content delivery network (CDN) provider, has launched a distributed cloud and edge platform designed to securely keep data close to the source.

The Akamai Connected Cloud is designed to create a “continuum of compute from core to edge”, allowing customers to efficiently build and deploy workloads needing near-instant latency and global reach.

As part of building the new platform, the company is expanding its core and distributed sites to bring greater reach and performance to its edge network.

It is placing compute and storage close to large populations and industry, adding to its existing network that spans more than 4,100 locations across 134 countries.

“We’re taking a fundamentally different approach to cloud computing — building on 25 years of experience scaling and securing the internet for the biggest companies in the world,” said Tom Leighton, Akamai’s co-founder and CEO.

This expansion will include three new enterprise-scale cloud sites in the US and Europe, adding to Akamai’s 11 current global cloud computing sites. It will also see more than 50 new distributed sites established across cities worldwide.

Akamai is optimistic these sites will be built by the end of summer 2023. All new sites will include cloud computing services from Linode, which Akamai acquired in 2022.

“Akamai Connected Cloud and the new distributed locations to be launched globally align perfectly with what we love most about Akamai: providing the ultimate distributed edge and cloud platform,” said Alexander Leschinsky, CEO of G&L, a German systems integrator for broadcasters and streaming services.

“G&L is using Akamai to extend our custom multicloud media stack with ease, reliability, and cost efficiency, helping us to provide unbeatable value to our clients.”

Akamai is even allowing its customers to build solution-based services that are interoperable with Akamai Connected Cloud.

It says that those who have undergone a rigorous qualification process will deliver the services, meaning they can be deployed and scaled worldwide.

Last November, Akamai invested in edge services provider Macrometa to integrate their services and help developers build enterprise applications that use edge compute and services.

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