Kyndryl and Nokia expand private wireless Industry 4.0 partnership


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IT infrastructure company Kyndryl has expanded its partnership with Nokia as part of a three-year agreement to develop and innovate LTE and 5G private wireless services for Industry 4.0.

The two companies have already worked with more than 100 enterprises across 24 countries looking to take advantage of Kyndryl’s networking services and Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud since partnering in February 2022.

Kyndryl and Nokia are also working with cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks to build a research lab in North Carolina aiming to bring reliable and secure wireless connectivity to industrial networks.

The solution will be designed around a multi-factor zero-trust model that maximises security and takes advantage of each company’s toolset.

Alejandro Cadenas, associate vice president of telco and mobility research at IDC, said: “As enterprises seek to accelerate and deliver on their journeys towards Industry 4.0 and digitalisation, the effective integration and deployment of advanced LTE and 5G private wireless networking technologies become instrumental to integrate all enterprise operations in a seamless, reliable, efficient and built in a secure manner.”

Kyndryl and Nokia’s solution includes testing, advisory, and implementation services designed to improve mission critical infrastructure across the industrial manufacturing sector.

Current deployments include customers in sectors such as petrochemicals, mining, timber, energy, and utilities.

“This expanding, powerful relationship between Nokia and Kyndryl is a unique combination of vertical and horizontal capabilities, and offers IT, OT and business leaders access to the innovation, tools, and expert resources they need to digitally transform their operations,” Cadenas said.

Last year. the two companies worked with Dow Chemical at a petrochemical processing plant in Texas to install a private wireless network with edge compute. Dow says the enhanced connectivity has helped to improve worker safety and real-time smart procedures.

Paul Savill, global practice leader of network and edge computing at Kyndryl, said: “Our partnership with Nokia has been focused on co-innovating and co-creating for customers to digitally transform their workspaces and operations.”

“The success we have seen in deploying private wireless for customers like Dow over the past 12 months, along with the global expansion of our collaboration, is a testament to our belief that we can jointly help companies drive Industry 4.0 transformation across all industries, with speed and scale.”

Kyndryl and Nokia will be showcasing their device management services at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona at the end of February.

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