Equinix Metal and InsidePacket partner on global multi-cloud network


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Digital infrastructure provider Equinix has partnered with networking solutions firm InsidePacket to launch a global multi-cloud network on Equinix Metal, the company’s bare metal offering.

The joint solution provides enterprises with a global, scaling network built on Equinix’s backbone that prioritises high performance and low latency.

Enterprise clients will be able to take advantage of easy access to many of their assets, such as public cloud and SaaS, through the global mutli-cloud network.

Both companies say the platform is built to reduce risks and decrease the mean time to resolution (MTTR) through traffic and monitoring functions.

They believe there is a need for a complete as-a-service solution that is flexible and easy to operate, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Eli Karpilovski, chief executive officer at InsidePacket, said: “The partnership between Equinix and Insidepacket brings together an on-demand, readily available, scalable, lowest-latency Equinix infrastructure and an automated, consolidated cloud networking and security services, ensuring that all enterprise customer global workloads are visible, manageable, and secured wherever they are.”

InsidePacket says the solution will use its unified network segmentation, threat protection, and FQDN filtering to secure against a range of potential cyber attacks.

Zachary Smith, head of edge infrastructure at Equinix, said: “By leveraging the on-demand infrastructure reach of Equinix Metal with integrated Equinix Fabric, InsidePacket has created robust on-demand multi-cloud connectivity and security as a solution.”

Multi-cloud networks have the advantage of using numerous vendors’ cloud services, meaning customers can reap different benefits from each individual provider. Enterprises can use this to reduce downtime risks that come with being locked in to a single provider.

“Digital leaders are seeking ways to make managing high-performance hybrid multi-cloud deployments easier, and InsidePacket’s solution is a powerful example of the solutions available to deploy across Platform Equinix,” Smith said.

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