Arctos Labs and Lytn collaborate on predictive edge intel solution

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Arctos Labs, an edge solutions company, and Lytn, an IT networking firm, have partnered to improve user experiences with 5G edge facilities.

The companies’ joint solution will allow customers to move compute power closer to user data in order to make more accurate predictions and reduce operational costs.

Arctos Labs optimises customers’ workload distribution at the edge and on the cloud by assessing compute location, utilisation, and other metrics which it uses to determine interconnectivity. Its optimisation is model driven so that it can adapt to a range of situations and AI-powered to account for varying business parameters.

Lytn runs a SaaS ‘prediction engine’ platform that records application data flows and combines real-time data with advance deep learning to self-learn each customer’s unique environment. The company claims its platform can predict changes in usage ahead of time to prevent issues before they can impact a business.

Mats Eriksson, CEO of Arctos Labs, said: “We truly share the vision of enabling greater observability and intelligence in a distributed and interconnected compute layer with the folks at Lytn and are therefore thrilled to work together.”

Both companies believe that their partnership will help customers to overcome the complexity of migrating to the cloud, edge computing, SD-WAN, 5G, and other new technologies.

They anticipate that with greater observability and predictive capabilities, businesses will be able to make smarter decisions in their dynamic operating environments.

Etienne Coulon, president at Lytn, said: “By combining the two solutions, we create a foundation for pro-actively managing and optimising an enterprise IT infrastructure.”

London-based telecom consultancy firm STL Partners recognised Arctos Labs as a top 100 edge company to watch in 2022.

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