Cradlepoint to launch exterior 5G router for vehicle roofs

Cradlepoint R2100 5G Router

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Cradlepoint, an edge networking company owned by Ericsson, is launching an exterior-mounted 5G wireless router for vehicles and IoT networks.

The R2100 Series 5G Ruggedised Router comes in a sleek, simplified build and provides cellular performance for usage on public transport or in vehicle safety.

Designed for mounting on the roof of a vehicle or attached to IoT enclosures, Cradlepoint has integrated the R2100’s router, modem, and attenas into an aerodynamic, ruggedised case.

The company says it has significantly simplified router installation, often only requiring a single power cable, reducing costs for large fleet instalments.

Donna Johnson, senior vice president of marketing at Cradlepoint, said: The R2100 Series underscores how Cradlepoint is expanding the capabilities of today’s police, fire, EMS, and transit organisations, helping these agencies and first responders alike take advantage of 5G connectedness in a streamlined, more efficient way.”

The R2100 can be deployed as a self-contained router or as a 5G adaptor to an existing router, it also comes with Wi-Fi 6 as an optional addition.

Ken Rehbehn, principal analyst at CritComm Insights, said: “Modern public safety operations leverage data to make operations safer and more effective, and the data demands in and around vehicles continue to grow.”

“Simplified integrated antenna form factors that bring high-performance 5G capabilities without running additional antenna cables will translate to reduced installation costs, faster installation, and improved radio performance.”

The router is powered by Cradlepoint NetCloud, the company’s enterprise edge security solution for vehicle and IoT networks. NetCloud provides end-to-end encryption and threat detection to applications and IoT devices, with or without Wi-Fi.

The solution handles container creation as well as container and workload distribution and connectivity, simplifying edge application deployment.

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