Cloudian raises $60m to grow hybrid cloud data platform

Cloudian raises $60m to grow hybrid cloud data platform
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Cloudian, a hybrid cloud data storage company, has raised $60 million (£48m) in funding to expand its reach and accelerate its hybrid cloud platform.

The funding round saw Digital Alpha, Eight Roads Ventures Japan, INCJ, Intel Capital and numerous other investors participating.

Cloudian says its hybrid cloud data management software can transform servers, VMs, containers, and public clouds into a pool of S3 API-compatible object storage resources.

Cloudian’s architecture makes it highly scalable, capable of storing hundreds of petabytes, while also allowing for integration with public cloud platforms for unified data management.

Michael Tso, CEO of Cloudian, said: “As organisations move to the next level of digital transformation, they increasingly seek technologies that deliver hybrid cloud data management at limitless scale across all platforms.”

“Cloudian’s cloud-native data management software lets our customers simplify operations and creates new opportunities to derive value from data.”

Cloud-native data companies have been focusing more on edge-to-cloud management in recent years. Edge data that is stored on the cloud and accessible to an entire workforce can help to drive real-time data-based decisions at the edge across a variety of industries.

Cloudian also announced the appointment of Bob Griswold as chairman of the board of directors. Griswold has extensive experience as an investor and strategic advisor across several companies within the industry. He was previously vice president of strategy and planning at HPE and senior vice president of product line management at Seagate.

“I am thrilled to join Cloudian at this pivotal moment in the storage industry,” Griswold said.

“Cloudian is exceptionally well positioned to capitalise on today’s transition to cloud-native technologies, and I believe strongly in the company’s strategy and its enterprise-proven platform, so much so that I personally invested in the current funding round.”

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