Quadric and Ams Osram build smart sensor solutions for the edge


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Edge AI chip developer Quadric has partnered with optical solutions company Ams Osram to work on a smart sensing solution for edge applications.

Combining Quadric’s Chimera neural processors with Ams Osram’s CMOS sensors, the two companies have developed a smart sensing module with machine learning and image capture capabilities.

The Ams Osram Mira220 CMOS image sensor is built for either 2D or 3D industrial and consumer machine vision use cases.

By integrating compute power of up to 16 TOPs into Ams Osram’s CMOS sensors, Quadric hopes to bring higher resolutions to its processors.

Ams Osram stated that its Mira image sensors deliver maximum resolution in a compact form with minimal power usage. As new modules are incorporated, the company hopes to have a wider range of resolutions available for different applications that require more efficient energy usage or enhanced performance.

Joost Seijnaeve, the vice president and general manager of CMOS image sensors at Ams Osram, said: “The combination of Ams Osram’s sensors and Quadric’s processing into a single low-power module opens up vast new possibilities for the deployment of smart vision sensing.”

“Leading-edge smart vision functions can [now] be embedded in a single combined sensor and processing module in a host of innovative product form factors in automotive, consumer, industrial and applications.”

Quadric says its Chimera neural processor is optimised for on-device AI computing as it is combined with a digital signal processor and real-time CPU all in one programmable core, making it fully fitted to deal with multiple tasks.

Veer Kheterpal, Quadric’s CEO, said: “Empowering device makers with the capability for a fully programmable smart sensing device at incredibly low power levels will open a vast new tranche of deployments of machine learning in edge devices.”

Last March, Quadric ran a successful $21 million (£16m) Series B funding round led by NSITEXE to developer its processor architecture and improve performance.

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