Edge Impulse partners with BrainChip for edge AI development


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Machine learning platform Edge Impulse is working with BrainChip again, the edge AI innovator known for its neuromorphic processors.

By combining their offering, users will be able to leverage Edge Impulse’s machine learning platform alongside BrainChip’s powerful Akida chip for edge application deployment. The partnership makes BrainChip the first strategic IP partner for the Edge Impulse platform.

Edge Impulse has added support for the Akida AKD1000 system, BrainChip’s flagship system-on-chip which, through a PCIe reference board, can provide benefits across a range of use cases such as industrial, home, and consumer applications.

The companies believe that Akida’s neuromorphic features, which allow for real-time machine learning, strengthen users’ abilities to build and deploy models for advanced edge AI applications.

Neuromorphic artificial intelligence is specifically designed to mimic the human brain, which BrainChip sees as its competitive edge over other edge AI processor developers.

Zach Shelby, co-founder and CEO of Edge Impulse, said: “This integration will provide users with a powerful and easy-to-use solution for building and deploying machine learning models on the edge. We look forward to seeing what our users will create with BrainChip’s AI offering.”

In August 2022, the two companies collaborated so that developers could create and train machine learning models from Edge Impulse projects on BrainChip’s MetaTF platform.

Sean Hehir, CEO of BrainChip, said: “BrainChip’s goal is to push the limits of on-chip AI compute to extremely energy-constrained sensor devices, the kind of performance that is only available in much higher power systems.”

“Having our Akida IP supported and implemented into the Edge Impulse platform helps ensure that developers are able to deploy ML solutions quickly and easily to create a much more capable, innovative, and truly intelligent edge.”

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