Freedom Robotics and Luos unite for remote access edge solution

Freedom Robotics and Luos unite for remote access edge solution
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Edge software developer Luos has partnered with robotic company Freedom Robotics to build a bridge for monitoring embedded systems data from the cloud.

The solution enables the display of embedded data in real time, with full monitoring and customisation control provided by Freedom Robotics’ interface.

With Freedom Robotics monitoring software, users can remotely access data from edge devices and sensors from any location.

Through the partnership, both companies hope to bring improved access to real-time embedded data without the need for any physical connection. Doing so makes edge deployment, where the ability to physically connect to devices is impeded, much easier.

Nicolas Rabault, co-founder and CEO at Luos, said: “This integration brings a new level of simplicity and power to any cyber-physical system (CPS) with the ability to see and control microcontroller units (MCU) using the Freedom Robotics dashboard.”

“All it takes is adding one line of code to Luos, making the device visible and able to be monitored and controlled from anywhere using the internet, down to the level of a specific MCU.”

Using Freedom Robotics’ fleet management platform simplifies robotic device management into a simple application. It gives users real-time visibility on performance for each robot in an assigned fleet.

“Developers can use any feature of the Luos software and use that on the Freedom Robotics platform to take advantage of adding all of its functionality,” Rabault continued.

“For example, monitoring and controlling various features of a robot — arms, sensors, lights, and more — that are built with Luos software,” he added.

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