SK Telecom tests 5G MEC technology in North America

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South Korea’s leading telecoms firm SK Telecom has successfully tested its mobile edge computing (MEC) solution and virtualisation technology in North America.

The company used ATSC 3.0 radio waves using SK Telecom’s Media Edge platform to conduct communications with a running vehicle through WIAV-CD, a local broadcasting system.

The test was conducted in the Arlington area near Washington, D.C. in partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting Group, North America’s largest broadcaster, and CAST.ERA, a joint venture between SK Telecom and Sinclair.

The event was attended by Sinclair chairman David Smith, SK Telecom CEO Yoo Young-sang, and officials from CAST.ERA.

During the tests, they exchanged plans for further cooperation as the company’s seek to deliver next-generation broadcasting services.

MEC is a solution that enables ultra-low latency communication by significantly reducing the distance of data transmission through the deployment of small-scale data centres at the base station located in proximity to users.

It is becoming an increasingly essential technology for specialised 5G services such as smart factories, autonomous driving, and immersive media. 

SK Telecom said after the tests that it plans to advance high-quality broadcast video conversion technology using MEC and its AI semiconductor Sapeon.

The company partnered with US tech specialist Dell Technologies in March 2022 to develop its own MEC solution.

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