Synaptics launches AI vision and audio module, KatanaConnect


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Edge developer Synaptics has launched its KatanaConnect module, a wireless AI vision and audio device.

Synaptics specialise in human interface hardware and software, with KatanaConnect using AI computer vision and audio sensing to support applications ranging from security to automation and monitoring.

Ananda Roy, senior product manager of low-power edge AI at Synaptics, said: “KatanaConnect enables the fastest, most future-proof path to feature-rich, connected AI vision and audio sensing systems in compact form factors.”

The system-on-module takes advantage of Syanptics’ low-power edge AI chip along with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to maximise usage without needing a lot of power.

The Synaptics SYN430132 module provides wireless connectivity and integrated IEEE802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2 support. This robust connectivity reduces the system cost, whilst space is maximised with built-in power and low-noise amplifiers.

According to the company, KatanaConnect is a platform for developing innovative sensing methods, such as wireless sensing, and is designed to work well with Katana’s vision and audio edge AI features.

Users can also customise and change AI models through a network of Katana AI software partners. 

Vincent Fan, VP of R&D at Ampak, said: “In adopting the new Katana low-power AI solution from Synaptics, we are continuing a long and successful relationship between the two companies. We consider Synaptics one of our most trusted silicon partners.”

In October, Synaptics acquired AI sensor developer Emza Visual Sense to expand its edge IoT offering. Emza’s machine learning algorithms are designed to maximise AI inference per milliwatt, which will support the low-power smart vision applications Synaptics are building.

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