Rockwell Automation taps ZEDEDA for edge management solution

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Rockwell Automation, an industrial automation provider, has entered into an agreement with ZEDEDA to bring edge management capabilities to the manufacturing industry.

ZEDEDA’s edge orchestration solutions will bolster Rockwell’s ability to cater to manufacturers digital transformation and edge management needs.

Chantal Polsonetti, vice president of advisory services at ARC Advisory Group, said: “This partnership is a natural next step to improve management and orchestration at the industrial edge.”

“Together, Rockwell Automation and ZEDEDA can solve deployment, security, and connectivity issues in distributed environments and accelerate access to critical data.”

Rockwell plans to launch an edge management service utilising ZEDEDA technology that will allow users to track and manage their edge devices. The platform will give customers greater control of their applications and make data more readily accessible.

ZEDEDA’s founder and CEO, Said Ouissal, said: “This agreement is a signal of the tremendous opportunities created by edge computing within industrial environments.”

“Manufacturers are looking to edge technologies to drive efficiencies, improve safety and open new revenue streams and the integrated solutions that Rockwell Automation can deliver through their extensive customer and partner network make the edge even more valuable.”

In March 2021, ZEDEDA added £10.5 million to its Series A funding round originally closed in 2019 with the support of Rockwell Automation.

The automation specialists helped ZEDEDA again with its £21 million Series B this summer. Thanks largely to this funding, ZEDEDA has quadrupled the number of nodes under its management since 2021.

Together both companies assist manufacturers in their digital transformation journeys, most notably when it comes to implementing edge technology into distributed environments.

Internally at ZEDEDA, recent expansion of its leadership team saw the company’s co-founder Erik Nordmark promoted to chief technology officer.

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