Lumen Technologies brings edge solutions to APAC region

Lumen Technologies brings edge solutions to APAC region
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Network solutions provider Lumen Technologies is expanding its portfolio of edge computing solutions into the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

Lumen’s offering in the region will include its Edge Bare Metal pay-as-you-go hardware solution for servers, taking advantage of sites in Singapore and Japan.

The company claims to facilitate application performance with a maximum of five milliseconds of latency through its edge node fibre network. Its launch in the region will help APAC clients to shift time away from infrastructure deployment and towards application development.

Francis Thangasamy, managing director of Lumen Technologies APAC, said: “We are excited to bring our edge computing solutions to the fast-growing APAC market. So much here is leading-edge. The region has a strong presence of enterprise customers using blockchain technologies to drive innovation.”

Lumen first deployed its edge bare metal service in APAC back in March this year for the blockchain non-profit Solana Foundation. It provides the blockchain protocol with rapid edge infrastructure for developers and node operators using the network.

Solana uses a global infrastructure of validators to run its network, so Lumen’s support is crucial to facilitating these nodes and app developers alike.

Lumen will also begin offering its Edge Private Cloud solution, a deployable private cloud service running on the company’s global fibre network, in the APAC region.

Lumen touts 643,000 kilometres of international route fibre, partly through subsea cable networks, making it one of the world’s most connected.

“APAC customers across key industries such as retail, manufacturing and financial services can now deploy applications and workloads that demand ultra-low latency at the edge. Our Lumen services deliver efficient and reliable operations that can keep this momentum going,” said Thangasamy.

In August, Lumen launched its on-demand Edge Virtual Machines (VM) for enterprise customers, providing a scalable solution for computing power at the edge. Through its VMs, companies can power high-performance applications such as secure networking and on-demand storage.

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