Nokia and Flex Brazil bring private 5G to LatAm manufacturing

Nokia and Flex Brazil bring private 5G to LatAm manufacturing
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Nokia is collaborating with multinational electronics company Flex Brazil to deploy 5G standalone private wireless networks across its manufacturing facilities in Brazil.

Together the companies hope to bring advanced manufacturing solutions to Brazil’s developing Industry 4.0 market through a robust 5G network.

The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) will provide private on-demand wireless services alongside edge computing and digital-enabling tools. Flex plans to use the 5G technology to increase its number of wireless applications, support large operational data transfers, and improve shop layout flexibility.

Thanks to Nokia’s Digital Twin technology, Flex will also be able to predict maintenance needs and pre-emptively tackle potential network issues.  

Marcelo Marcomini, Industry 4.0 executive for Flex Brazil, said: “We welcome the collaboration with Nokia to join us on this journey to expand the scope of our solutions by integrating Nokia’s 5G private wireless expertise to improve the efficiency of our current operations and prepare for the future of manufacturing at the same time.”

The Nokia DAC combines 4.9G/LTE and 5G network connections with on-premise edge computing for real-time processing and data management of smart manufacturing applications.

Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge computing solution also recently added new capabilities and applications to help enterprises advance digital transformation. The new Nokia MXIE feature allows non-cloud native applications to run securely alongside containerised applications.

Marcelo Entreconti, Nokia’s head of enterprise for Latin America, said: “The partnership will leverage our strength in advanced networking and mission-critical communications with Flex’s long experience in manufacturing and supply chain innovation. Together, we will explore the power of Industry 4.0 to transform how we manufacture and distribute goods in this new digital world.”

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