Rob High, IBM: Edge Computing in a Post-COVID Economy

The evolution of Edge, IoT and 5G has seen the boundaries of technology expand to create the biggest innovation platform ever. With use cases for digitalization creating opportunities across all sectors, technology is driving the world into a new direction and towards a future we’ve all imagined: where factories are more productive; where workers are safer; and where we leave a more sustainable footprint on our world.

In this interview, IBM’s Rob High discusses:

  • How industry 4.0 is coming to life with the convergence of robotics, AI, edge computing and 5G.
  • How network agility and flexibility unlock edge innovation across all sectors.
  • What are the real benefits of companies using edge computing today?

Rob High is speaking at the next edition of Edge Computing Expo at the Santa Clara Convention Center 5-6 October, exploring the use of edge computing to lead innovation, define a generation, and fulfill future ideals once unimaginable. Book tickets here.

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