Lumen launches Edge Virtual Machines for enterprise customers


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Network solutions provider Lumen Technologies has launched Lumen Edge Virtual Machines (VMs) to provide customers with on-demand edge compute power at scale.

Lumen Edge VMs are the company’s latest infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering, designed for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), start-ups, and large enterprises deploying applications and workloads at the network edge.

The VMs are designed for edge applications such as supporting machine learning and robotics applications as well as processing data from IoT sensors, according to Dave Cooper, SVP of edge computing at Lumen.

Customers that don’t need dedicated bare metal servers can opt to “utilise virtual machines, which allows them to choose various options, including vCPU and RAM on the computer, similar to what you would do in public cloud, closer to the edge on the Lumen Edge Data Centre,” added Cooper.

The Edge VMs run on the Lumen Platform, which is supported by Lumen’s 450,000 route fibre mile network. The VMs are also provided on shared, multi-tenant servers hosted in Lumen edge facilities.

Former Lumen VP Chris McReynolds explained the Lumen Platform on a Light Reading podcast earlier this year: “We have a lot of distributed physical locations where we can deploy edge computing nodes; we have a lot of fibre connectivity to manufacturing locations, logistics and sorting centres – the types of locations where these edge and IoT use cases make a lot of sense and add a lot of business value.”

While the Edge VM service is managed by Lumen, customers can access monitoring and reporting capabilities through the Lumen Orchestrator, and alongside other Lumen edge services and public cloud services from AWS, Microsoft and Google.

In 2021, Lumen launched Lumen Edge Bare Metal, pay-as-you-go server hardware that represented Lumen’s “first foray into infrastructure-as-a-service on the edge,” according to Cooper.

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