ClearBlade launches IoT Core to replace Google’s retiring offering

ClearBlade launches IoT Core to replace Google’s retiring offering
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Edge and IoT software company ClearBlade has launched its ClearBlade IoT Core as an alternative to the soon to be discontinued Google IoT Core.

With Google’s IoT Core offering scheduled for termination in August 2023, ClearBlade is providing an alternative that is easy to migrate to and has been approved by Google.

The ClearBlade IoT Core connects and manages data from various devices worldwide. It includes multiple features, such as:

  • Device registry and management
  • Messages are sent using a highly scalable and proven MQTT broker
  • Mapping of topics to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) PubSub
  • Simple integrations for businesses using REST APIs.

As a GCP Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Migration Service Integrator (SI), ClearBlade’s IoT Core has already been verified and authorised by Google as a strong replacement option.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) product promises a “one-click” migration of all server-side assets including device records, authentication certificates, and PubSub topic mappings.

ClearBlade CTO Aaron Allsbrook said: “IoT solution developers already have their plates full with building new features to spend time building a new solution to replace what is already working. ClearBlade IoT Core provides the exact capabilities in-house today with the smallest possible impact to existing working systems.”

The company has promised end users no changes will be made to device authentication and that pricing will remain unchanged with a tiered price structure determined by the amount of data transmitted.

Edge users can also use edge orchestration and the ClearBlade IoT Edge platform to transfer any computations and visualisations away from the cloud and into edge compute.

ClearBlade released its IoT platform in 2014, following with its Edge platform in 2016. However, they are not the only alternative ahead of Google’s impending deprecation.

Losant provides users with a similar Google IoT platform alternative and has been up and running for longer than Google in this industry.

In fact, the company was one of Google’s early partners when it launched its service.

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