T-Mobile taps edge compute for 5G concert with Mixhalo

T-Mobile taps edge compute for 5G concert with Mixhalo
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Telecoms giant T-Mobile recently teamed up with Mixhalo, a real-time audio platform and graduate of T-Mobile’s 5G Open Innovation Lab, to deliver a 5G-powered concert.

Employees at T-Mobile’s Bellevue, Washington headquarters enjoyed the music not through traditional means but directly from Mixhalo’s soundboard in real-time through ear buds.

Mixhalo developed its audio solution after co-founder Michael Einziger, also the guitarist for Incubus, realised that performers on stage had better audio experiences than fans thanks to their ear monitors.

While Mixhalo typically relies on Wi-Fi to deliver its soundboard audio experience to concert attendees, the company wanted to see how 5G could improve the listening experience.

With T-Mobile’s 5G technology, Mixhalo was able to send out the audio at optimum quality.

John Saw, T-Mobile’s EVP of advanced and emerging technologies, said: “The challenge with sending audio to people in the audience is that they are sitting in front of big speakers sending soundwaves at more than 1,000 feet per second. That means, if you are 50 feet from the speaker, your phone has to get the audio in less than 50 milliseconds. If the network is too slow, the listener will hear an annoying echo.

“T-Mobile’s 5G network was fast enough to beat the soundwaves to the audience … and the Mixhalo app actually had to delay the audio from hitting peoples’ ears so that it was in sync with the music coming from the loudspeakers.

“This was an excellent way to showcase our edge computing capability over 5G, as we installed the Mixhalo server at our edge to enable even faster response times.”

The Mixhalo technicians also muted the speakers and played into concertgoers’ ear buds directly through the Mixhalo app. This gives the added advantage of being able to host a concert whilst nearby pedestrians hear nothing.

“Despite the challenges, the event was a success. The audience was treated to an immersive audio experience, and T-Mobile’s 5G network was able to handle the real-time streaming with ease. This demonstrated the potential of 5G for live events and how it can improve the fan experience,” Saw concluded.

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